Galloway Forward: A Campaign to Ignite, Inspire, and Imagine will allow us to maintain our expectations of excellence and to transform Galloway while never compromising our core mission. Our mission is inextricably connected to the vision of our founder, offering a blend of the progressive outlook and the tradition of excellence for which Galloway has always been known. Indeed, our students are well-prepared to lead lives of purpose, agency, and action after Galloway. Already armed with a love of lifelong learning, outstanding academic preparation, and confident leadership, Galloway Forward will give our students even more resources to be their absolute best. 

Having a history this rich and a mission this important carries great responsibility, and it is this responsibility that makes Galloway Forward a necessary and worthy undertaking. In order to embrace and execute the ambitious vision outlined in its strategic plan, Galloway is preparing to launch a comprehensive campaign that will address the school’s most pressing needs: thoughtful campus and facilities planning, updates, renovations, and additions leading to enhanced investment in student programming, faculty and staff growth and support, and long-term sustainability. This campaign is a necessary step in ensuring that Galloway students of today and tomorrow will be prepared to lead lives of purpose, agency, and action – just as Mr. Galloway envisioned more than five decades ago. 

What if…

  • Galloway could live out our mission every day, in every class and studio, on every field and stage, and never had to worry about providing the highest quality, most innovative, and leading-edge programs, teaching techniques, and academic resources?
  • Galloway could provide the highest quality, most innovative, and leading-edge programs and facilities?
  • Galloway could transform how learning happens while redefining the core metrics of what an excellent education represents?

Project Scope

Leadership Team

  • Head of School Dr. James Calleroz White
  • Assistant Head of School David Peden
  • Chief of Operations Kristin Wold
  • Chief Financial Officer Carolyn Cadiou
  • Head of Community Engagement Gordon Mathis
  • Early Learning Principal Kelly Kelly
  • Middle Learning Principal Sarah Armstrong
  • Upper Learning Principal Felicia McCrary
  • Director of Admissions James Foreman
  • Director of DEI Tiffany Russell
  • Director of Development Paige Smith
  • Director of Horizons Bayless Fleming

Questions about Galloway Forward?

We understand there are many questions regarding Galloway Forward. If your question is not answered in the FAQs linked below, please reach out to Dr. James Calleroz White, Head of School, or contact us at