Elliott's Evening

To the Galloway Community,

A heartfelt thank you for ALL that you did to help support Elliott’s Evening 2023!

Together we raised more than $200,000 for Galloway’s Financial Assistance and Experiential Learning programs. This is an incredible number, and we could not have done it without the enthusiastic support of every single one of you. 

Whether you were a volunteer, a sponsor, patron, ticketholder, auction donor, winning bidder or just thought good thoughts about the event, you played a role in its success

We appreciate you, we are thankful for you, and we hope that you feel as proud as we do about the power of this community to come together.

Thank you so much,
Stacy and Kate

Elliott's Evening 2023 Committee

Stacy Brees
Kate Hallowell
Baskets Chair
Leane Silhan
Kid Art Chair
Whitney Phippen
Teacher Experiences Co-Chairs
Brynn Travis
Colie Neidlinger
Auction Item Chair
Keisha Olinger



Elliott's Evening 2023 Sponsors

Elliott's Evening 2023 Patron Sponsors

Kaitlyn and Bradley Bergeron

Suzanne Brandt and Dale Kirkland

Anne Billmeyer and Valentin Oncescu

Kevin and Sheila Cranman

Robin and Evander Fogle

Kevin and Shanna Miko Graebel

Kate and Zach Hallowell

Michael and Katherine Hernacki

John and Stacy Ingram


Beth Kallet-Neuman and
Mark Neuman

Tracy and Alex Lurey

Michelle and Greg Martin

Paul Matelic and Julie Kim

Taylor and Virginia Mathis

George and Ginair McKerrow


Michael and Jennifer Morrissey

Adam and Christine Needles

Colie and Brince Neidlinger


Chuck and Suzanne Nickerson

Keisha and Tony Olinger

Charles Owen and Anjuli Kelotra

Lori and Chris Reinking

Kim and Mike Ryan

Jessica Sanford Clary and Brad Clary

Marci and Jeremy Silverman

Aaron and Yuliya Sommer

Artis and Erica Stevens

Amy and Zan Stewart


Andrea and Andrew Wightwick

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