The Galloway School's endowment ensures the future success and growth of the school by serving as a long-term "savings account" for need-based financial assistance, faculty and student enrichment, and unrestricted funds for the growing needs of Galloway. A portion of the principal income from the endowment is expended annually, and a portion is put back into the fund to ensure growth.

Increasing our endowment will enable Galloway to:

  • Achieve and sustain faculty compensation competitive with peer schools
  • Provide financial assistance to families
  • Support professional development
  • Maintain the low faculty-student ratio, a hallmark of Galloway
  • Assure community and relational accountability

Today's students benefit from the endowment gifts of previous generations. Tomorrow's Galloway is being created by today's endowment gifts.

Currently, the endowment is made up of individual funds dedicated to need-based scholarships, faculty and student enrichment, academic and well-being initiatives, and unrestricted funds for the growing needs of Galloway.

For more information or to donate to Galloway's endowment efforts, please contact the Development Office at development@gallowayschool.org or 404-252-8389 x101.