Advisories & Buddy Groups


Advisories are cross-grade-level groups that build community and focus on academic growth for students. Comprised of roughly 8-15 students, groups are crafted so that every student can reap the benefits of these Galloway micro-communities. Advisories typically meet weekly but often times they meet more frequently, particularly for all school events.

Faculty advisors play a variety of roles in a Galloway student’s life. In Upper Learning, academic responsibilities include ensuring students register for the right classes, monitoring academic progress in classes, and helping students organizational needs such as finding the best method for keep up with their assignments. But, advisors are more than just an academic guide -- advisors provide a listening ear when a student has a question or concern, whether it’s about school or home or friends. They are advocates when their students need them to be, and they are champions of fun team-building opportunities.

In Middle Learning, 7th and 8th grade students are assigned advisories that mirror the deliberate grouping process of Upper Learning. In Middle Learning, advisors offer a balance of both academic and social support for students, including writing quarterly advisory progress reports, monitoring a student's selection of electives, and providing opportunities to discuss issues. Advocacy is a key part of the middle school advisory, as well.

Buddy Groups

The Buddy group experience is a school-wide model of cooperative learning and community in action. The idea of older students pairing with younger students has been a hallmark of the Galloway community since the very early years of the school. The idea is simple. Older students (7th-12th graders) are matched with younger students (kindergarten-6th graders) to foster a sense of camaraderie and community among the grades. Buddies meet formally once a month, but in typical Galloway fashion, many organic opportunities often arise from these initial pairings. It is not uncommon to see Upper Learning students invite little buddies to their sporting events. Our youngest students beam from ear to ear when they are acknowledged by their middle school and high school friends. Teachers also pair frequently to allow cross grade interactions within a classroom setting.

The students,especially the little ones, love their buddies, so we look forward to carrying on the tradition.

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