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At The Galloway School, students have the opportunity to found their own clubs. They are given all the responsibilities that help keep the club active, including setting days, times, and locations to meet, finding ways to recruit more members, and coming up with activities for each meeting. Letting students be in charge of their own club allows them to build strong leadership skills, organization skills, and time management skills, and it also allows for new friends to be made, both in the same grade and in different grades as well. Here are some of the clubs in which Upper Learning students currently participate.

Academic Team

Academic team is like a team version of Jeopardy. Students answer trivia questions on various academic topics as well as some pop culture. Throughout the year, students try to compete in several tournaments.

Art Club

Students with a love for art come together and organize fundraisers, which raise money to buy art supplies for schools with low art budgets.

Birthday Club

Students organize and host birthday parties for underprivileged children.

Book Club

Each month, students read a specific book in between club meetings and then come together to discuss it.

Character Design Club

Students learn and explore the process of creating characters and avatars.

Coding Club

Students learn how to use code (html, etc.) and also learn cryptography.

Cooking Club/Food and Fitness

Students bring in homemade meals that they cooked, which they share with the rest of the club. Students also incorporate yoga and other fun activities that improve fitness.

Creative Writing Club

Students come up with clever, creative, funny stories and other short passages. They also hold contests and events that the rest of Upper Learning can contribute to.

Dance Club

Students are exposed to many styles of dance, and they learn various dance routines along the way.

Debate Club

Students learn how to think and speak quickly as well as how to make well-rounded arguments. These debaters also attend various tournaments, competing against debaters from other high schools about controversial, unsolved topics.

DECA Business Club

DECA prepares students to be leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, management, and anything else that current businessmen and businesswomen face in the workforce.

French Club

French Club is open to all of UL, regardless of what language the students are taking. In French Club, students raise money for schools in Haiti, watch movies in French as well as actual French movies, and learn about French culture.

Outdoor Club

Students plan outdoorsy, nature-filled outings and activities that promote a greener world.

Galloway Film Festival

Students and other aspiring filmmakers write, film, edit, advertise, and publish their creations. These films are then shown to the rest of the school, red-carpet style.

Game Club

Students play various games that involve strategy, luck, or just a fun environment.

Galloway Girl Talk (GGT)

High school girls mentor middle school girls and guide them through the ups and downs of middle school, increase self-esteem, and provide a place where the girls can be themselves without any drama or judgment. The high school girls also build a "big sister" relationship with the middle school girls.

Green Initiative

Students create sustainability projects for Galloway's campus.

International Club

Students discuss, explore, and eat as though they are world travelers.

Jug Band

Founded by Dr. Allen Barksdale, Jug Band practices and performs impromptu concerts around campus, featuring both traditional and homemade instruments.

Latin Club

Students learn about Latin culture, watch Latin-themed movies, and talk about Roman mythology.

Lawn Chair Club

At 3 p.m., stressed-out students relax on Galloway's front lawn, play Frisbee, drink root beer, and engage in other activities that help take their minds off of their hectic school environment.

Lumberjack Club

Students dress up in flannel, eat flapjacks with maple syrup, and talk about wood.

Mock Trial

Students work together to prepare cases provided by the High School Mock Trial Committee. In these cases, students play various roles that include attorneys, witnesses, defendants, and prosecutors, which create the impression of an actual trial. Professional judges and/or attorneys judge the competition or serve as jurors.

Pokémon club

Students engage in all activities related to Pokémon.

Photography Club

Students learn about and practice all the aspects of photography.

Prom Committee

This club is open to juniors and seniors only. These students work together to plan Prom, including determining the venue, themes, and decorations as well as organizing fundraisers to raise money for the planning process.

Reading Bowl

This club is open to all of UL, and students are required to read a certain number of books and prepare for the Reading Bowl competition.

Service Board

Students engage in various community service projects around the Atlanta area.


The goal of Spectrum is to create a safe environment within our school as well as beyond Galloway. Students focus on ending all forms of oppression in society not only in how students themselves act, but also by teaching others about the struggles that others may face.

Student Association

A handful of students from each grade are elected to represent their grade. These students are responsible for representing the student body and also planning fun community building events.

Thespian/Theater Club

Students celebrate and explore theatre in the Atlanta area while raising money for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS.

Tie Dye Club

Students engage in various tie-dye projects, keeping some and donating others.

Vinyl Club

Students listen to music using old vinyl CDs and record players.

Young Democrats

Students who are actively passionate about the Democratic side of politics come together by hoping to improve and be involved with Democratic politics in Georgia. Students also invite various speakers who talk to the students about the current important issues in the community.

Young Republicans

Students who are actively passionate about the Republican side of politics come together by hoping to improve and be involved with Republican politics in Georgia. Students also invite various speakers who talk to the students about the current important issues in the community.

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