Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program

*Georgia GOAL will be accepting applications through Dec. 15, 2018.

Make A Win-Win Impact: Redirect your Georgia tax liability to financial aid at Galloway

Individuals and Corporations (partners in partnerships, LLC owners, and shareholders of S-Corps) paying Georgia taxes are eligible for a dollar-for-dollar credit on state income taxes. Every year, the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program, combined with support from Galloway’s endowment and Annual Giving dollars, plays a critical role in the School’s overall financial-aid initiatives. Your participation in this program makes a substantial impact on the School's ability to enroll bright, motivated, and curious students regardless of their family's ability to pay full tuition.

Redirect your 2019 GA tax liability: APPLY NOW

Galloway partners with Georgia GOAL, the state’s leading Student Scholarship Organization (SSO). GOAL works with 131 independent schools throughout Georgia and has awarded tuition assistance to more than 9,000 deserving students since the program’s 2008 inception. Currently, 45 Galloway students receive financial assistance through tax credits. Because of the popularity of the program, applications for a 2019 tax credit must be submitted by December 28, 2018. To submit your application for this program, please visit

Please note that the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program provides an opportunity for participants to redirect tax liability already owed to the State of Georgia to a restricted priority (financial aid) at a favorite independent school. Participation in the program, therefore, is not related to participation in Annual Giving.

The maximum redirections by filing method are:

Filing StatusContribution Level
Individual FilerUp to $1,000
Married Filing Jointly
Up to $2,500
Married Filing SeparatelyUp to $1,250
Partnership, LLC, S-CorpUp to $10,000
C-Corp or TrustUp to 75% of annual Georgia income tax liability

How to Contribute and Take the Tax Credit

  1. Apply Now (anytime from June 2018 – December 15, 2018)
    Complete the 2018 GOAL Tax Credit Application today at
  2. GOAL Submits to DOR.
    On the first business day of January 2019, GOAL submits your application to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR).
  3. Approved to Contribute.
    GOAL and DOR notify you of tax credit approval and amount in early January 2019.
  4. Make Payment.
    Pay GOAL by check or credit card within 60 days of DOR approval (mid-March 2019).
  5. Take the Credit.
    In May, GOAL will send you a Form IT-QEE-SSO1 (tax receipt) for claiming the credit on your 2019 Georgia income tax return (Note: you will take the credit when you file your 2019 taxes in April of 2020).

Paperless Application – for all Applicants
Tax Credit FAQs
Pass-Through Information


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