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Suzanna Jemsby has been the Head of School for the Galloway School in Atlanta, Georgia since July 2012. Since her arrival, Galloway has thrived in every way. The school is at full enrollment with a long waiting list, annual giving is at an all time high, and there is an excitement about the bold new strategic direction embodied in the school's unique instructional delivery model called 4D Learning. Click here to read more.


Beyond urban life

My family and I were fortunate enough to spend some time in England and Norway this summer visiting relatives. Contrary to typical assumptions about visits to England, we were not in London. We were in the stunning region known as the Lake District, Keswick to be precise. It's a town for hikers and lovers of the outdoors.

The North of England isn't renowned for its stunning weather, hence a density of hiking stores everywhere selling a range of rain gear. While mixed weather might not appeal to all, you are guaranteed grass greener than the freshest cilantro and temperatures that lend to long walks up the fells.

Our time in Norway was decidedly off the beaten track. We spent several days in a cabin that has neither running water nor electricity. The luxury feature is true to the Scandinavian setting: a sauna. Bjoern’s family built the home about 140 years ago and living in it is truly a trip back in time and a series of lessons in "survival." For starters, anything you plan to eat that you aren't going to hunt/fish/forage needs to be carried in a backpack up to the cabin. To cool drinks, Bjoern was enterprising enough to axe out a huge piece of ice from the top of the mountain behind the cabin. Washing happens in a stream, along with laundry. Any wood you burn in the fireplaces (and believe me, you needed to warm the house) needs to be replaced. The cabin itself is stunning - simple and rustic with small doorways, a reminder that Bjoern's ancestors were not very tall!

If you use an overly rational mind, heading into this Norwegian situation with three young kids might not be smart. After all, what would happen if there was a serious injury? What if they didn't take to the new life? What happens if all the clothes get drenched? Luckily, I wasn't thinking rationally and the experience was fabulous for all three from beginning to end. The joyous moments as a parent were endless: the excitement when they realized the sun would barely set at night, seeing my oldest land her first trout, marveling at my middle daughter wielding an axe, witnessing my youngest scale a mountain of 600 meters elevation as part of a 21 kilometer walk (that's 2,200 ft and about 14 miles for my imperial friends), competing at Monopoly for a single piece of chocolate…. And for my part, I have to admit to enjoying the pace of washing dishes by hand!

Anybody ready to go off the grid with his or her family for a while?

Posted by on Wednesday July, 29, 2015


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