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Suzanna Jemsby has been the Head of School for the Galloway School in Atlanta, Georgia since July 2012. Since her arrival, Galloway has thrived in every way. The school is at full enrollment with a long waiting list, annual giving is at an all time high, and there is an excitement about the bold new strategic direction embodied in the school's unique instructional delivery model called 4D Learning. Click here to read more.


The morning after Nice

Quite out of the blue, I bumped into an old friend last Saturday. It was someone I had not seen for 15 years. The serendipitous event was in the car park of a beautiful castle outside of Frankfurt, Germany. We were both heading to meet other people, so we didn't have long to chat. At the end of our conversation, we exchanged email addresses. Just a few hours later, he wrote me an email with all sorts of cheery chatter. He closed the email with this: "Enjoy the rest of your European summer but do be careful and on the look out when out in a crowd or a public place. Have a safe trip home and a great new school year."

Yesterday morning, I left Europe to travel home to Atlanta. The last port of call had been Nice, France. We had had some idyllic days absorbing the breathtaking views, relishing the cornucopia of languages on the streets, lounging in coffee shops with fresh viennoiserie and caf├ęs au lait, strolling along the Promenade des Anglais. A matter of hours later, this paradise was turned into an atrocity.

I'm struggling to look back through my photos of the time in Nice. It's impossible to comprehend the waste of human life in the very same spot that we had been hours earlier. It's hard to see the city as anything other than fragile now. It's tricky for me not to see the impact of one person's horrible actions.

On reflection, I know I had been offended by the closing words of my friend's email. How dare he suggest that one needs to be careful? In Europe? And yet, his words were somehow prescient.

Posted by on Friday July, 15, 2016

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wow- just read this! Does this strike a chord with me. I know you were expecting to enjoy a magnificent holiday in Europe- After living 4 years in Frankfurt and traveling extensively in neighboring countries, I was living vicariously through your story- imaging the castle parking lot (loving the castles around every bend of the rivers) in Germany- and then heading onto to France- and my many memories.... The attack had to be very frightening. I remember a bookstore we had once shopped at in Paris near Notre Dame - my mother saw it on TV during footage of the Paris attack. People had run into it to seek cover.. It is hard to think about the charm and peacefulness of those places and the violent events that occurred recently. It saddens me to think the memories of those special places -including Nice- will be overshadowed by unthinkable events. I think your friends email was protective and timely.

from Lisa Hartman on 09/21/16 at 01:58PM

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