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Suzanna Jemsby has been the Head of School for the Galloway School in Atlanta, Georgia since July 2012. Since her arrival, Galloway has thrived in every way. The school is at full enrollment with a long waiting list, annual giving is at an all time high, and there is an excitement about the bold new strategic direction embodied in the school's unique instructional delivery model called 4D Learning. Click here to read more.


Inside Out

One rainy afternoon this summer, I took my daughters to see the movie "Inside Out". Often I groan (discretely) at the idea of watching a kids movie and that day was no exception.

When we got to the theatre, I was struck by the age range of the cinema goers. There were some young children like mine, many teens, and a good number of adults all the way up to octogenarians.

In the first few minutes, I had that feeling that parents sometimes get when they haven't researched the movie well in advance: fear that you've selected something way above their understanding. Right away, you're transported into someone's head, to four cartoon characters who represent major emotions. Complex concepts ensue around long and short-term memory. The fragility of the human psyche is right there to be questioned.

As any parent in my position would do, I turned to my youngest and started to whisper what was going on. She shushed me and said she needed to watch. The film unfolded with such poignancy that there was barely a dry eye in the house.

Fast forward to the end of the movie. The girls couldn't wait to share excitedly about all the things they had taken away from it: it's ok to be sad; moving is difficult but strong roots to family will prevail; sometimes emotional responses can be out of your control...

Not for the first time in my life, I have to hand it to the film industry. That one film could adroitly handle such complexity and package it in a way that appealed to 5-year-olds and grandparents all at the same time is astonishing to me!

Want to know more about the movie? Join Plugged-in Parents next Wednesday, September 30, where we dig into its inner messages with EL Counselor, Lynn Mandelbaum.

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