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Galloway celebrates World Poetry Day
Posted 03/23/2018 11:00AM

In 1999 UNESCO proclaimed March 21 as World Poetry Day; the statement included "Poetry reaffirms our common humanity." World language teachers across all learning levels led students in a celebration of Galloway's first World Poetry Day.

In Early Learning Gissella Diaz-Williamson and Sandra León-Cone encouraged young children to share poems from their families' heritage – Spanish, French, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Swedish, among others, at the Wonderful Wednesday gathering. In addition, students carried "poems in your pocket" throughout the day, to read to friends and teachers. "Poetry is a gift of culture, often across generations in our families," remarks Diaz-Williamson.

In Middle Learning, Peterson relates that French students recited work written by Francophone authors, those who lived in France and those from Africa. The students read and acted out the fables of La Fontaine and recited the poetry of Léopold Senghor, who wrote of the French colonial period in Sub-Saharan Africa. They also worked on poetry from Maurice Careme and Robert Desnos. Spanish students read a range of authentic poetry, from sixteenth century Iberian poets to authors from contemporary Argentina. Following the model of teacher Sharrie Williams, the students wrote their own poems based on their individual passions. Some students created videos to accompany the recitation of their poems.

In Upper Learning, French, Spanish and Latin students read and recited poetry from their linguistic studies in each other's classes. Cacophony became harmony as the students listened to the sound of poetry in each other's chosen language. The students then created "found poems" (put together like a visual collage) from words in all three languages.

At noon, ML and UL students participated in a "poetry slam" in the library. Other people besides students took part as well. Head of School Suzanna Jemsby shared a piece in German, and maintenance staff member Raoul Gonzalez shared some of his original poems in Spanish.

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