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Sixth-graders poetry to be published in collection
Posted 05/04/2017 11:00AM

Forty-nine of Galloway's sixth-graders will have their poems published in a volume to which they recently submitted their work. The contest is called Creative Communications and is one in which Taylor Swift was published while in fifth grade.

ML language arts teacher Paul Munro says, "Our students were tasked with writing free verse/spoken word poetry, based on the style of artists such as Sarah Kay. They chose topics they felt deeply connected with (anxiety, equality, divorce, etc.) -- often emotional and personal -- and developed metaphors to deliver their message. I firmly believe that our students' courage to tap into their own empathy and insecurities is the key reason for their success."

Students wrote what they wanted to say, then worked with Mr. Munro to revise aspects of the poem such as imagery and word choice. After revisions, they read the finished piece to a partner to get feedback on presenting the poem, which they did publically for the crowds at Spring Into Green last week.

Sixth-grader Kate Parrish said of performing at Spring Into Green, "I'm generally comfortable with public speaking, but I was uncomfortable because my poem is so personal. Beforehand, I was terrified, but I felt good afterward!


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