Galloway classrooms are different, and even the idea of a classroom is unique here. Though we do deliver instruction in classroom settings, teachers and students aren't bound by them. Our students can often be seen working in groups outside or collaborating in the lobby, the atrium, or the library. And they could be doing anything from creating a video to preparing for a debate or writing a screenplay. Students at Galloway are thoughtfully engaged in learning, and are an active part of the learning process.

What will you see when you come to Galloway? You will see a class traveling to Publix to study volume; students creating blood cells out of Play Dough; a lively discussion about literature around a seminar table; learners by our local pond collecting specimens for an environmental science class; learners researching and creating their own updated geography textbook; a calculus class redesigning a better soda can; and even some 8th graders hosting a “dinner” party as Civil Rights activists.

What are the common elements in our classrooms? Active and curious learners, enjoying the experience of discovery. Our faculty members are exceptionally skilled at creating a culture of thinking among our students and they do so passionately. The Galloway culture is one where we model Daring learning; where we are Deliberate in creating thinking processes and developing critical thinking skills; where the learning environment is Dynamic, and students are doing the thinking and talking, along with the teacher; and where we encourage learning through Discovery.

4D Learning is our common framework and process that create engagement. We call it 4D Learning. The research is clear, and perhaps obvious. Students learn when they are paying attention. Students pay attention when they are engaged and when they are actively participating in the thinking process. 4D Learning creates the learning environment where students pay attention and engage, which leads to deeper and greater understanding.

Learning how to learn, focusing on the learning process more than the product, and engaging learners will give Galloway students the tools they need to move into the future as successful and enlightened adults. It's research based. It's forward thinking. It's exciting work. It's Galloway!

Peter Emmons
Director of 4D Learning

Peter Emmons
Director of 4D Learning

Student Life
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