Capital Campaign

The Galloway School is committed to understanding the changing needs of its students and to improving facilities and programs to reflect those needs.

Throughout the history of the school, parents and friends have deeply invested to make the school a better place. The spaces where students spend their days, years and even decades were built by the families and friends of our community.

Capital projects address major projects on campus according to Galloway’s master plan. Values implicit in the plan include a commitment to sustainable design and to seeking major funding for new structures and renovations outside of tuition revenues and annual giving. The results are new or remodeled facilities that blend traditional and modern architecture, intentionally designed around the ways that students learn best.

Here is what has been accomplished through the generosity of many:

Home Fields and Endowment (Completed in 2008)

  • Soccer and practice fields
  • Track and Field and Ultimate Frisbee
  • Concession stand and multi-use building
  • Added to the endowment

Chaddick Center for the Arts (Completed in 2003)

  • A fine arts center that brought together Galloway’s visual and performing arts programs for students at all learning levels including a theatre, music and art classrooms, an arts and science wing, three technology labs, a foreign language lab, a conference room, and two renovated science laboratories
  • Added to the endowment
  • Increased faculty salaries and benefits to be more competitive with peer independent schools and public schools
  • Four classrooms, faculty offices, a science wing and a commons space for Upper Learning students in West Gresham
  • A science and technology addition to the Sims Early Learning Center
  • Expanded art and classroom facilities in Middle Learning
  • Reconfigured outdoor spaces and improved play areas
  • Additional on-campus parking
  • Larger classrooms for Upper Learning language programs
  • Dedicated spaces for our strings program
  • Additional conference and work areas for faculty and students
  • Improved offices for maintenance

Renovation of the Gresham Building (Completed in 2001)

  • Expanded second floor of Gresham

Middle Learning Arnold Building and Gymnasium (Completed in 1996)

  • Added ML Classroom Space, Commons Room, Kitchen, Nurses Office
  • Galloway Gymnasium

Purchase of land from Fulton County and Stone House lease and renovation (Completed in 1993 & 1994)

Sims Early Learning Building (Completed in 1988)

Lease of Fulton County Almshouse in Chastain Park (Completed in 1969)