Galloway students are more than just academics. They are authors and trivia gurus. They are activists and artists. They are ping pong champions and budding chefs. They are magicians and thought leaders. They are athletes and actors. Above all, Galloway students are curious and passionate, and we make space for students to engage and explore their individual interests.  Whatever your passion, there is a way to explore it at Galloway through a large network of activities, clubs, and leadership opportunities.

So, who are you beyond the classroom? A founder of a non profit? A magician? A public speaker? A leader? A pogo stick expert? A basketball player? At Galloway we want to know the answer to these questions and more. With over 48 clubs (as of today!) across Middle and Upper Learning you can find your passion or perhaps start the 49th club!

Take a look at our extensive (and ever changing) club listing below.

Student Clubs