Advisories & Galloway Games


Advisories are cross-grade-level groups that build community and focus on academic growth for students. These groups of 8 to 15 students are crafted so that every student can reap the benefits of a Galloway micro-community. Advisories meet weekly and may also get together for special events.

Faculty advisors play a variety of roles in a Galloway student’s life. In Upper Learning, academic responsibilities include ensuring students register for the right classes, monitoring academic progress, and responding to student needs, such as organization or study skills. But advisors are more than just academic guides; they provide a listening ear, a helpful suggestion, a pat on the back, or simply a joke and a smile. From designing fun team-building activities to advocating for students, advisors are a positive force in Galloway students’ lives.

Galloway Games

A fun new tradition at Galloway began on Friday, Dec. 16, 2016. The inaugural Galloway Games brought the entire school together for the morning on the last day of school before winter break. Every student and teacher was divided into four groups that completed a variety of tasks and played a number of games together. Twenty-eight teams, each comprised of students from each grade level, competed for points in a variety of activities measuring skill, intellect, teamwork and creativity across the campus. These teams will remain together on the same teams in future years so cross-level friendships and connections can be formed and maintained.