Student Life

At Galloway, we cherish individuality, community, and student growth, so Student Life is naturally shaped by sustaining and supporting those values. Through a combination of opportunities, programs and events, we strive to help students discover their unique space in our community by tapping into their curiosity, passion, and creativity. From grade-level retreats to encouraging students to start clubs to celebrating rising seniors with brunch the day after graduation, Galloway fosters a student-centered culture where your success and joy as a student is priority number one. The benefits of Galloway being a deliberately student-centered culture means everything we do is contributing to your growth as a student, so the possibilities are endless!

Galloway is an amazing place to be a student, and Student Life will always work to make sure that remains the hallmark of the Galloway experience!

Felicia McCrary
Director of Student Life


Felicia McCrary
Director of Student Life and Enrollment
404.252.8389 x146