EL Encore Policies and Fees

Encore Club Options (aftercare):

  1. Full week care, Monday - Friday, 3pm - 6pm
  2. Specific day/s of the week secured (Ex. Mondays and Wednesdays)
  3. Drop In care as needed (Suspended for Fall 2020)

EL Encore Policies:

  • Annual Encore Registration Form with fee is required per student of ALL Encore participants this year.
  • Encore fees are non-refundable*. Should school shift to an online learning model, Encore Club days purchased will roll to a future quarter. Students enrolled in an Encore enrichment class or music lesson will shift online as needed.
  • Families have the option to transfer between enrichment/music classes during the first 2 weeks of classes each quarter. Movement after these two weeks is strongly discouraged.
  • Upon purchase, you are securing Encore Club days and/or enrichment classes for your student, regardless of actual attendance. This process enables us to appropriately schedule staff and space in advance. 
  • Encore is typically not available when Galloway has a half day or is closed to students. 
  • Daily changes in dismissal should be emailed to encoure@gallowayschool.org by 2pm each day. Any changes sent after 3pm are not guaranteed to be processed by pick up. You will receive a confirmation when received. 
  • Encore carpool is open 4:15pm – 4:30pm following the conclusion of enrichment classes.
  • Students being picked up outside the Encore carpool window need to text the Encore phone upon arrival and we will escort your student out to your car. Parents are not to park and walk onto campus for pick up. 

*Galloway reserves the right to edit this policy in light of extenuating circumstances.


Annual Encore Registration Fee                                                        $95 per student

Pre-K and Kindergarten rate for reserved days of the week              $20 per day

Grades 1 – 4 rate for reserved days of the week                               $18 per day

Drop In Rate as needed*                                                                    $24 per day 

*Drop In's are unavailable for Fall 2020 in order to maintain after school cohorts.

Schedule Change Fee                                                                       $25  

(Ex. Shifting from 2 days per week to full week in mid-October)

Late Pick Up Fee (picked up post 6pm)                                             $50 every 15 minutes post 6pm

(Ex. 6:08pm pick up will be charged $50, 6:24pm pick up will be charged $100)


Encore is secured quarterly and must be reserved BEFORE each quarter starts.  This enables us to ensure appropriate space and staff for students. Registration links for Encore Club (with Homework Club option), Enrichment Classes, and Music Classes are emailed once the Annual Encore Registration Form with fee is received.

Quarter I: 1st day of school – Thanksgiving Break

Quarter II: December – Spring Break

Quarter III: March – End of School Year

Drop in Students are billed post-quarter.