BOLD Testimonials

BOLD 2017

BOLD was the best personal and professional development experience I have ever had! I came in not knowing what to totally expect. It was challenging, yet fulfilling. I learned to be BOLD as I approached another year at my school! Hands down, every POC in independent and public/charter schools should apply to attend BOLD; you won't regret it!

I began BOLD with quite a few questions and a lot of uncertainty, and I finished with clarity and direction on how I want to develop my career. I gained knowledge, confidence, and insight that could take years to develop through individual experience. I'm sure other workshops provide access to leaders in the field, but BOLD fosters meaningful relationships with those individuals. On top of the above, the summit was FUN! As exhausted as I was by the final day, I would have happily returned the next.

BOLD allowed me to have a network of support outside of my place of employment that I did not know was possible or even existed. I left BOLD feeling refreshed and comforted, knowing I did not have to take this journey on my own.

Personally and professionally BOLD was what I needed when I didn't even realize that I needed it. I walked in expecting this conference to be like others -here's some tips, lots of PowerPoints, and networking handshakes for future job openings. BOLD sessions focused on helping every BOLD participant find and/or articulate their WHY. Facilitators shared their professional path into leadership. Best of all a community of leaders was strengthened. I personally walked away knowing that I have a community, with a renewed sense of purpose, clearer direction, gratitude for every facilitator and BOLD participant, and a firm belief that I am going to be alright mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and professionally. Overall, BOLD is a life-changing experience like no other!

BOLD was the best professional development I have ever received. Real, honest, direct, and so relevant.

BOLD 2016

To me BOLD is like a home away from home. The BOLD Summit was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time with, and learn from, like-minded people of color who have shared the same professional experiences I have. Sessions were facilitated by leaders in the field who were truly inspiring. The BOLD Summit is a warm, comforting environment – it’s nice to be surrounded by a group of people that have your back. For me I’ll remember The BOLD Summit as the place where I got one final set of advice, and one final boost of confidence, before stepping into an administrative role for the first time." - Mark

Since BOLD, I have taken on a new outlook of my role in independent schools and how I can be a leader. I began the year by meeting with my director to talk about my positive and challenging experiences at work. Since then, she asked my permission to initiate a leadership study group with some other women who have expressed interest in leadership. We meet monthly and discuss topics such as balancing work and family, the intricacies of being a leader and how to move forward in leadership. This has been a great experience for me this year. - Javonne

Since BOLD, I have been inspired to lead students in diversity work through the Minority Empowerment Forum, the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, and other related activities around campus. This push for racial and ethnic inclusion has also led me to help with my school's minority recruitment efforts by volunteering at admissions fairs, meeting with current and prospective minority parents, and adding to the school's new diversity webpage. - Larita

My BOLD idea came to fruition earlier this month! Shortly after my BOLD experience and inspired by The Galloway School's school day at the High Museum, I proposed to my head of school a "Day of Learning" at the Alliance Theatre to see the production of "The Temple Bombing." This play is inspired by the book of the same name by local Jewish author Melissa Fay Greene. This experience fit our school mission and the fact it happened in Atlanta was so important to give our students an understanding of the deep roots of Jewish culture, traditions and struggles in Atlanta during the Civil Rights Movement. I worked with our principal, dean of faculty and chair of the history department, who were all extremely supportive of the idea. I was thrilled to help organize my first all-school field trip! - Joy

The information and training that I received at BOLD helped me to navigate confidently in my new role and as a part of the administrative team. I'm so excited for the direction from BOLD and the relationships that have been formed and cultivated through the program. - Tiffany