Alumni Leadership

There is always a place for our alumni, and we hope you to continue to make lifelong connections among our alumni family! As we emerge from the pandemic, we encourage you to visit campus (though we request that you check in with us, first, so we can let the front desk know). We hope you will check out our event calendar and participate in as many events as possible!

Alumni Council

Galloway’s Alumni Association is governed by the Alumni Council. The council plans activities and events which allow graduates to reconnect with the Galloway community and with each other. The alumni association seeks to keep the spirit of Galloway alive within its alumni and to provide opportunities for alumni to become engaged members of the Galloway family.
All Galloway graduates are welcome to join the council and attend one council meeting a year! Email to get an updated list of meeting dates and times.

Keeandra Hale '10 currently lives in Maryland, where she works for the National Security Agency where she works as a Cryptologic Partner Engagement Specialist. She's a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. where she serves her community through political awareness, educational programs, international awareness and involvement, and physical and mental health programs. Her favorite Galloway memory is taking a high school course on Chocolate and its rich history with Ms. McCrary.

Jasmyn Jackson '09 is currently an eminent domain lawyer practicing in Atlanta. She lives in Marietta with her husband, Anthony, her almost two year old son, Turner, and dog, Hailey. Jasmyn’s favorite Galloway memory is traveling to China with the band and orchestra to play her viola! 

Kevin Luptowski '08 currently lives in Atlanta with his wife, Virginia (a Pace Academy grad!) and their son Leo. He works as a Solution Engineer for Slack, a Salesforce company. Kevin's fondest memories of Galloway are playing Ultimate Frisbee on the front lawn during lunch and being a founding member of the Ultimate Frisbee team. After eight years at Galloway, Kevin attended Tulane University in New Orleans earning a Masters in Accounting. Kevin credits Galloway for imbuing him with the spirit of a lifelong learner and intellectual curiosity.

Adam Rabinowitz '05 is the Head of Customer Experience at Flock Safety, the first public safety operating system that empowers private communities and law enforcement to work together to eliminate crime. Prior to Flock Safety, Adam launched and managed Instacart operations in Atlanta and the Southeast, led its Global Support Operations team, and spent some time at other technology companies. While Adam only spent his junior and senior years at Galloway after two years at another Atlanta-area private school, he considers his switch to Galloway as one of the most gut-affirming decisions of his life. In fact, he wrote his college admissions essay about the move, comparing Galloway to Triscuits and the other school to Wheat Thins. Triscuits are more filling, more textured, woven together. Wheat Thins might taste better by themselves, but they're brittle and break easily when they fall. Adam lives in Virginia-Highland with his wife, Heather, and two little ones, Sophie (4) and Jack (2).

Marthame Sanders '88 is an Atlanta-based podcaster, producer, musician, improviser, and consultant. A proud Galloway alum, Marthame is a graduate of the Galloway School, Yale University and the University of Chicago, and has worked in church ministry as international mission staff, youth director, and solo pastor. Marthame and his wife, Galloway faculty member Elizabeth Sanders, keep busy parenting their two sons, ages 12 and 16, who are both Galloway students and are pretty awesome but—let’s be honest—kind of immature. Marthame appreciates the fact that his two sons give him cover to play with Legos®. He will tell anyone who will listen (and some who won’t) about the documentary film series he and Elizabeth produced and his 2016 solo indie rock album. Unfortunately, his bragging undermines his street cred.

Sammi Sedler '07 is one of almost a dozen alumni who have come back to Galloway in a professional capacity. A proud ATLien, Sammi lived and worked in Washington, DC and Durham, NC before returning back home to Atlanta with her husband. When she isn’t perfecting her oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe (no raisins, because fruit does not belong in desserts) or trying to tell people about a cool bird she saw, she is chasing her toddler and her tiny rescue dog. Mr. Mathis referred to Sammi as “Ms. Minnelli” for almost her entire time as a UL student and she will never live it down. Go Scots!

Lane Shelton '06 is a proud Galloway alumna. She is currently the Executive Director of Circle Camps for Grieving Children. When considering her most cherished Galloway memories, there are three that seem to have truly defined the trajectory of her life: playing “T-Rex'' in the 2nd Grade dinosaur play, scoring a 102 on Ms. Jenkins’ reptile and amphibian test in 5th grade, and performing Bohemian Rhapsody at graduation despite the request not to. She lives in Chamblee with her wife, her two sons, and a brood of animals.

Not only is Amy Smith '89 a Galloway alumna, she is also a current and alumni parent to Coleman ('19) and Audrey ('23). Amy has served on the Alumni Council for close to 20 years, as well as on Galloway’s Board of Trustees. In her professional time, she is a nonprofit board consultant and board liaison to an Atlanta-based organization focused on early childhood education and family support programs. 

Mallory Ward '06 is currently the Student Life Coordinator in UL following an awesome six years in the Alumni/Development Office. One of the biggest draws of returning to work at Galloway was the chance to give future alumni the opportunity to love this school as much as she does, and now she can. She gets to spend her days reporting to her boss, UL Principal Felicia McCrary, and if that's not the dream then what is? Mallory still talks to her Galloway friends weekly (not just the ones she works with), and feels very lucky that she can call everyone on this page a friend as well. Her first job was as an intern in the College Counseling office at Galloway, and today that very same space now serves as her office, which she thinks is the absolute neatest (other than working for Felicia McCrary, of course).

Alumni Class Liaisons

Galloway alumni are active, dedicated individuals who care as much about our community today as they did as students. A number of alumni have chosen to give of their time by serving as class liaisons. With the goal of helping the school maintain a strong connection with alumni, class liaisons serve as a go-to for all Galloway news and events, and are an easy way for you to share your class notes or address updates.

Galloway is grateful to the alumni for their enthusiasm, service, commitment, and support.

Interested in becoming a Class Liaison? Email to get more information.