The heart of the Galloway experience lies in relationships. Students, teachers, parents, coaches, and staff are all vital members of the community. We all consider ourselves lifelong learners and support each other in that endeavor. We learn together. We respect each other. We celebrate each other. And we care for one another. 

The student/teacher relationship is one of mutuality. Students feel comfortable asking questions, challenging viewpoints, contributing ideas, brainstorming solutions. Here, teachers encourage classroom interactions and inspire students to find their voice. They are partners together in learning. 

Eschewing the traditional school climate of discipline, Galloway teachers focus on cultivating trust, integrity, compassion, courage and perseverance in our students. Starting at a very young age, we teach children that with freedom comes responsibility, increasing both as developmentally appropriate. By graduation, Galloway students are confidently prepared to manage the multiple responsibilities of a college environment.

Cultivation of leadership and responsibility extends beyond the classroom and includes all extracurricular activities. Our Student Life program offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to explore different interests, be a leader, and discover ways that they can contribute to the benefit of others and the community.

The parents/teacher relationship is also a vital one; parents can rest assured that teachers are available and supportive. Further, the entire Galloway community forms an active family, filled with unpretentious, diverse adults and children who share an appreciation for forward thinking, joyful learning – and each other.