Galloway Theatre Company presents: SpongeBob the Musical

Director's Note

As I drove to rehearsal last weekend, bracing myself for a long day, I found myself somewhat overcome by emotion. Was it the fatigue? Most likely. But what struck me in that moment was a sense of community, a sense of rallying toward a common cause, all in the name of - in its simplest form - a high school musical.

The SpongeBob Musical has been a surprisingly challenging process. It has called for everyone involved - cast, crew, directors, production team, pit orchestra - to produce their best, most complex work, all in the name of making it look easy and feeling lighthearted. It has been anything but easy, and to call it lighthearted is, in many ways, a misconception of the story.

While the musical is based on the notoriously silly cartoon, the musical is so much more. As someone who did not grow up with the cartoon and truthfully do not particularly enjoy it as an adult, I was skeptical when the students brought it up as a potential show for this year. Admittedly, it got me on my first listen. The storyline is, dare I say, remarkably relevant: a community is rocked by an existential threat, causing them to go into lockdown. They become politically divided. The government and the media are at war with one another to carry out their own narratives. Characters are marginalized because of who they are and what they believe.

Without giving away the ending, it is ultimately collaboration and community that save the day in the story. That has been beautifully mirrored in our production process as well. The students in the cast have worked relentlessly to do justice to the script, score, and choreography; the crew has put in countless hours to create the world of Bikini Bottom that lives in my head; the pit orchestra has mastered their books; FAB and parent volunteers have risen above and beyond to make sure the 70ish people involved are fed and celebrated; and the biggest credit of all goes to the production team. They have all stepped up in a way that I have not seen in my twelve years of directing musicals. Every individual has taken such ownership, put forth such tremendous effort to bring this show across the finish line - it is truly a show for the ages, and I could not be prouder of everyone involved. 

We are not simple sponges, and we are all capable of so much more than we can imagine. I hope you walk away feeling warm hearted, joyful, and renewed - that it feels like your best day ever.

- Natalie Pitchford, Director

Production Team
Natalie Pitchford, Director
Cara Lavallee, Choreographer
Nathan Medley, Vocalist Music Director
Daniel Solammon, Pit Orchestra Director
Chris Brent Davis, Conductor
Imani Quinones, Foley Artist
David Morgan, Technical Direction, Set Design, Lighting Design
Liz Whalen, Propsmaster
Misao Cates, Costume Design
Antonia Fairchild, Acting Coach
Multiband Studios, Sound Design
Jonathan Taylor, Sound Designer
Bailey Gafeney, Sound Engineer
Julie Marcigliano - Triple Threat Costumes, Costume Rentals

Stage Manager
Natalie Spear '24

Assistant Stage Managers
David Hunter Sabo '26, Assistant Stage Manager
Molly Sherrod '26, Assistant Stage Manager

Light Board Operator
Allison Meyer '23

Sound Board Operators
Simon Guterman '23
Hanley Levine '25

Spotlight Operator
Amelia Pierce '24

Run Crew
Sophie Cadiou '24
Matthew Corrigan '24
Hayden Craig '23
Berkeley Dana '26
Ariella Lewis '25
Nellie Parker '26

Props and Costumes
Elijah Zabala '26
AJ Weinstein '25

Makeup Design
Sophie Cadiou '24

Special Thanks To
FAB Theatre Chairs Leslie Isenberg and Marci Silverman
Felicia McCrary
Multiband Studios
Chris Brent Davis
Imani Quinones
Julie Marcigliano, Triple Threat Costumes
Atlanta ProAV
Dr. James Calleroz White
David Long
Clay Randel
Ricky Emmons