Galloway’s creative music program immerses students in a world of sound that includes a variety of genres across cultures and time periods. Based on Galloway’s 4D’s, the curriculum builds student’s musical skills on the instrument/s of their choice while embracing creative process through projects and repertoire based on individual student interests.

Early Learning

Early Learning students are surrounded by music every day in their classroom and the music room as their teachers use music as a tool for teaching a variety of concepts, making historical and cultural connections and developing the simple joy of listening and making music together. The music teacher works with students as they develop singing skills, play instruments, create their own arrangements and learn musical concepts including melody, harmony, rhythm, form and musical expression. Students share what they have learned informal and informal performances throughout the year.

Middle Learning

All students in Grades 5 and 6 participate in band, orchestra, guitar ensemble or chorus while also attending general music classes dedicated to nurturing individual interests and the creative process. Students in grades 7 and 8 may elect to continue in ensembles committed to exploring a wide variety of musical styles.The ML music ensembles perform a number of formal and informal concerts throughout the school year for the Galloway community and beyond. Additional ML electives based on student interests have included music technology, history of rock and roll, world music exploration and song writing.

Upper Learning

Upper Learning music elective classes are offered to accommodate a wide range of interests and skills. Students can improve individual instrumental or vocal techniques as a member of band, orchestra, guitar ensemble or chorus as they prepare for performances on and off campus. They can also choose to learn skills related to digital music recording, song writing or music theory. Student interests drive the ensembles and elective courses. Galloway’s music faculty work closely with professionals in the music industry in order to provide students with real world experiences related to the music industry. Galloway graduates have attended Berklee College of Music, Belmont University, University of Indiana and the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna, Austria. More importantly, all Galloway music students leave with a love of music that will last a lifetime!

Faculty biographies can be found here.

Performing Ensembles

5th/6th Grade Band, Orchestra, Guitar Ensemble and Chorus

All students in grades 5 and 6 participate in the music ensemble of their choice. These students share their musical growth and learning in fun, informal concerts throughout the year. The teachers work with their students in selecting repertoire from a variety of styles to enhance student’s enjoyment as they learn how to play their instrument.

7th/8th Grade Band, Orchestra, Guitar Ensemble and Chorus

Students may elect to participate in the 7/8 Grade Ensembles. The ensembles rehearse during the day and present informal and formal concerts throughout the year on and off campus. The teachers work with students to select a wide-range of repertoire to enhance student’s learning as they develop musical skills on their instrument. Interested students may also audition to participate in GISA Honors Orchestra, Chorus and Band and the GMEA All State Ensembles.

ML World Music Ensemble

All interested students in grades 5 – 8 are welcome to participate in the World Music Ensemble. This energetic and fun ensemble rehearses after school and explores a wide-variety of music from around the world. The ensemble is percussion-based but welcomes a variety of other musical instruments as the ensemble’s musical arrangements are created with and based on the interests and skills of the ensemble members.

Pit Orchestra

The Pit Orchestra provides live music for the UL Spring Musical. The size and instrumentation of the ensemble varies year to year as determined by the orchestral demands of each musical's score. Students chosen for the pit orchestra have demonstrated appropriate mastery of their instrument, strong reading skills, a good work ethic, good tone, and good intonation.

UL Chorus

The UL Chorus is open to anyone who enjoys singing. The students perform three or more concerts a year. Repertoire for the group includes a widely diverse selection of music from Renaissance and Classical to Broadway, movie themes and folk. Opportunities are available during the year for students to participate in District Honor Chorus, Singfest at GA State University and the GA All-State Chorus.

UL Guitar Ensemble

UL Guitar ensemble members learn guitar playing techniques, improve in reading music notation and tablature, develop improvisational abilities and expand their knowledge of the historical and cultural contexts of guitar. Student interest drives repertoire selection and students are encouraged to integrate related interests such as songwriting or digital music recording. Students experience and explore a wide variety of music styles guided by a teaching artist. The ensemble performs throughout the year at venues on and off campus.

UL Orchestra

UL Orchestra students continue with more advanced technique and more ownership of their repertoire and programs. In addition to instructor selected repertoire designed to develop musicality and technique, students initiate other works based on their interests, from Dvorak quartets to hip-hop covers to Americana standards, with room for everything in between. In addition, one-on-one tutoring is available throughout the school day for students who need review or extra help.

UL Band

UL Band students continue to hone their individual technique and musical artistry while exploring a variety of musical styles as determined by student interest and instrumentation. In addition to learning repertoire, students continue to work on music theory, ear training, composition, and improvisation and are also encouraged to audition for the Georgia All-State Band. The Galloway band performs at least two concerts per year, with additional opportunities available for students to perform individually or in small groups.

After school music lessons

Private music lessons in the afternoons after school are available to students of all levels and to the general public. Teachers are available for Piano, Drums, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Saxophone, Trombone, Violin, Cello, Voice & Trumpet.

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