Fine Arts Boosters

The stage has been set for another year of joyful expression and discovery through the arts at The Galloway School! The Fine Arts Boosters (FAB) plays a leading role in supporting the visual and performing arts in our school community. FAB volunteers strive to enhance the arts and creative expression at Galloway by supporting fine arts faculty and students, raising funds, and promoting arts programming at all grade levels. In lockstep with our school’s mission, a shared belief that the arts elevate the human experience, encourage creative self-expression, and foster a vibrant and engaging student learning community guides our efforts. 

The 2020-2021 school year challenged FAB to approach our goals in novel ways. The @gwayarts Instagram handle has allowed our community to engage with the arts at Galloway during times of social distancing and provided an online platform for our annual exhibit at the High Museum of Art. FAB volunteers also pivoted by recognizing Galloway performers with opening-night gift bags instead of showering them with flowers on closing night. Thanks to the dedication and creative thinking of our family of volunteers, FAB has helped ensure that the production, concert, performance, and exhibit will go on. 

We look forward to our ongoing engagement of innovative virtual and in-person platforms to promote, support, and raise funds for arts programming at Galloway in the years to come. Your membership in FAB will enhance these efforts and ensure you a front-row seat in the continued success of arts programming at Galloway. For more information, email

Director of Fine Arts
Natalie Pitchford

FAB President
Courtney Stoll

Theatre Team Chairs
Leslie Isenberg and Marci Silverman

Music Team Chair
Lauren Morris

Dance Team Chair
Courtney Stoll

Visual Arts Team Chair
Jennifer Dana

Early Learning Arts Chair
Rebbecca Kaplan