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I am thrilled you are exploring The Galloway School where we take education beyond the traditional.

Galloway is more than a school; it is a learning experience that is truly unique. With our deliberate focus on student-centered, inquiry-based learning and our commitment to fostering creativity and collaboration, Galloway just feels different.

The beautiful campus is nestled in the middle of Chastain Park; a stunning 268-acre park that extends our campus with the use of walking trails, playgrounds, ball fields, a golf course, swimming pool, horse park, an organic farm and more. When you come on campus, what you will notice even more than the idyllic setting and eclectic mix of historic and modern buildings, is an atmosphere of engaged, fun learning in a relaxed environment.

My journey at Galloway began as a parent while I was searching for a school for my son. Like many of you, I explored school websites, sought input from friends and work colleagues, and evaluated school outcomes — all of those tangible things that I thought were the most important factors in selecting a school. Those factors are important; but nothing is more important than getting a sense of the culture of a school when visiting campus.

I vividly remember my admissions tour and falling in love with Galloway the minute I stepped into the Early Learning hallway. I was struck by the small size of the children, confidently building a gigantic 8-foot papier-mâché Meso-American pyramid while learning about culture and practicing Spanish. Galloway had everything I expected in a great school (college placement, small class size, exceptional teachers, etc.) and I saw joyful, active, fun learning with excited, happy students.

I knew it was the right school… I could feel it.

Twelve years later, I am beyond proud to be the parent of a Galloway graduate class of 2016. I have had the joy of watching Galloway help shape him into an individual and a scholar. I am honored to introduce and share Galloway with you. Once you’ve seen Galloway in action, you’ll understand what an exciting and inspiring place it is for bright, curious, and motivated students.

Please take the time to peruse our website and learn about our unique 4D Learning environment. The best way to get to know us is to visit, and I encourage you to come to campus and participate in one of our weekly morning group tours. You will see engaged learning and feel the enthusiasm at Galloway.

I look forward to meeting your family and beginning the admissions process with you.


Elizabeth King
Director of Admissions

Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King
Director of Admissions
404.252.8389 x106

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The Galloway School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin, age, disability or any other characteristic protected by law in administration of its employment, enrollment, or educational policies, tuition assistance programs or other administered programs.