Upper Learning Curriculum

The Upper Learning curriculum seeks to develop students as individuals through broad exposure and deep learning. Core courses ensure that our learning community has a bedrock of shared knowledge and proficiencies. Advanced courses, electives, and learning extensions build on that foundation to create an educational journey suited to each Galloway student’s interests and goals.

Upper Learning teachers design all courses to challenge and engage, forgoing “honors” courses for universally high standards and thoughtful differentiation to meet student needs. Advanced Placement courses are available in all disciplines. Electives ranging from marine biology to multivariable calculus to playwriting allow students to delve into particular sub-fields, extend beyond the AP level, and develop specialized skill sets.

Many classes contribute to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) initiatives. Students select from a full array of general and specialized math and science courses. Science labs and nearby ecological resources offer experiential learning and hands-on research. In our makerspace-style technology classroom, Galloway students code, design, and engineer. Perhaps most importantly, instructors seek opportunities for students to collaborate, making connections across STEM fields and beyond to the arts and other disciplines.

Learning in the Upper School


The humanities are also vital to a Galloway education, with particular focus on writing, analysis, and engagement with challenging texts. Course progressions in English, social studies, and world languages build developmentally appropriate skills at each grade level. Texts and class activities orient this work within the cultural events and forces that shape the human experience.

Courses in the visual and performing arts and in wellness demonstrate our investment in the whole person. Versatile instructors and well-appointed arts facilities provide Galloway students with access to many forms of two- and three-dimensional art, from drawing to ceramics to film photography. In other classes, students condition mind and body, write songs, build theatre sets, act, improvise, and more. Several performing groups, such as chorus and orchestra, develop their craft through arts classes, as well.

Taken as a whole, the wide-ranging curriculum in Upper Learning seeks to build a solid academic base on which students can build by taking on challenges and feeding passions. As a result, they develop vital skills as scholars, practitioners, future professionals, and citizens of the world.

Upper Learning Courses

Course offerings change from year to year to provide students access to varied learning opportunities, such as the following: