UL Learning Support

“Developing to your greatest potential—that is winning.” - Elliott Galloway

Every student’s learning journey at Galloway is unique. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, and we value a close relationship with students, parents, and teachers. The Learning Support Team provides direct and indirect support to students who exhibit difficulty with learning and/or performance. We endeavor to help students progress in their understanding of their own learning, increase their academic independence, and strengthen their executive functioning skills.

Upper Learning is a time of significant growth toward independence. In the words of Elliott Galloway, we support each student as they “find out who [they] are and become that person.” Throughout the Upper Learning experience, we strive to help students develop a repertoire of skills for self-reliance, resilience, and academic success. 

Learning Support in Upper Learning focuses on executive functioning and self-advocacy. Our Executive Functioning Coach is available to work with any student who wants help with organization, planning, time management, study skills, test-taking strategies, and self-advocacy. Together, they work to create focused goals and implement specific strategies to foster productive habits and routines. Collaboration with students happens individually and in small groups. Support is also provided periodically within a classroom vis-a-vis project management or test preparation. The Executive Functioning Coach also partners with teachers to support students. 

For students with a current psycho-educational evaluation, we develop a Learning Plan based on the report. This plan provides faculty with information about instructional strategies and support for the student. While The Galloway School does not modify our academic curriculum, we can provide the following accommodations, as recommended by a current psychoeducational evaluation:

  • Extended time
  • Strategic seating
  • Alternative locations for tests/quizzes 
  • Individual laptop usage 
  • Assistance with note-taking
  • Assistive technology, including calculators and audiobooks

We look forward to supporting Upper Learning students in their learning journey and aim to help them develop skills and strategies useful in high school and beyond.

Dr. Sue Feig
Director of Learning Support
404-252-8389 x 279

Meg Goddard
Executive Functioning Coach