Upper Learning Student Awards

The members of the Upper Learning Faculty recognize seniors who exemplify the characteristics described in the following awards, which were defined in most cases by the person or family for whom the awards are named.

Senior Awards

Excellence in Citizenship

In its most generic definition, citizenship refers to a person of good character. Recognized by their peers, these students are accepting and open-minded, culturally competent, and real-world community builders. 

Junior Awards

The members of the departments recognize up to two juniors in each discipline with departmental book awards. Within the boundaries of each discipline, the recipients serve as exemplars of a Galloway scholar.

Scholar-Plus Awards

Students who earned a 3.6 GPA in the fall semester, are on track to sustain that GPA for the entire year, and who...

External Awards

Galloway students are recognized throughout the school year by outside organizations for their work and accomplishments here at school.  Below are a few examples of the types of honors that students received in 2023-2024.