Experiential Learning in UL


Excursion is an exciting chance for Upper Learning students and teachers to immerse themselves in experiential education. For two weeks, we shut down traditional classes and dive into topics that take us off campus and into the wider world. Excursion offerings change each year; they may lead students to conduct research on Costa Rica’s ecology, explore food cultures represented along Buford Highway, engage with detainees navigating the US immigration system, or experience Spanish culture and family life first-hand. Students across grade levels and teachers across disciplines join together as they gather information, travel to new places, discuss issues, produce artifacts, and generally make the world their classroom. The result is both an intensive credit-bearing class and an unforgettable experience. Elliott Galloway encouraged us all to “play the game of learning,” and Excursion offers Upper Learning students a wonderful playground.


Student Life Internships offer an opportunity for Upper Learning students to engage in meaningful learning experiences within the Galloway community. Working these “intra-ships” serves two purposes: it gives UL students the opportunity to give back to their school, whether assisting in a classroom or working on a project with our Development office. These hands-on experiences give students the opportunity to learn new skills and display talents in settings beyond the classroom.