Upper Learning (Grades 9 - 12)

Elliott Galloway opened the school in 1969 with a promise to the students: “As long as you behave yourself and try … we will do everything in our power to give you the opportunity to obtain a quality education.”

Part of Elliott’s promise is a commitment to continue to evolve as a school in order to remain relevant and to offer the best education available for our students. In addition to rigorous courses in all disciplines that range from challenging foundational courses to Advanced Placement options and engaging electives, students learn through internships, excursions into the community, arts productions, athletic practices and competitions, participation in clubs and extracurriculars, and informally in deep discussions with faculty mentors and friends.

Because of their diversity of experiences at Galloway, our seniors have unique and powerful personal narratives and accomplishments to share with college admissions offices. And when they matriculate, Galloway graduates find themselves among the best prepared of their college peers.

In a fast moving and complex world, the successes of our Upper Learning alumni demonstrate well our ability to adapt, to grow and to offer an engaging and relevant program. Yet, at Galloway, we remain rooted in the timeless values that formed the basis of Elliott’s vision of a forward-looking school.

For instance, at Galloway relationships are central to our work. Students are at home here because there is a culture of honesty and respect for individual differences. Students are encouraged to seize initiative, to exercise freedom, and to accept responsibility for their learning. As a result, students who enter the Upper Learning as ninth graders discover who they are and in four short years become the best possible versions of themselves.

In the Upper Learning, we are all aware that college is on the horizon and that careers and forming families of their own are in the future for our graduates. Yet, we encourage our students to embrace Mr. Galloway’s charge to “play the game of learning and not the game of school.” It’s in the learning that one finds joy, meaning, and purpose. And it’s in the process of learning that we realize the Galloway mission and prepare students to live successfully as enlightened citizens in a changing world.

Felicia McCrary - Upper Learning Principal

Felicia McCrary
Upper Learning Principal
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