Middle Learning Curriculum

At Galloway, teachers often strive for depth rather than breadth. We want students to spend time really looking, thinking, questioning, discussing, and creating to get the most out of a concept. Novels, magazines, guest speakers, film clips, field trips, articles, textbooks and other resources are utilized to enrich the curriculum as students delve into new areas of study.

In Middle Learning, curriculum creation and development is a collaborative process. In the beginning of the school year, each grade level team chooses a theme for the year and strives to tie it into lessons, outdoor education, and Immersion throughout the year. Grade level teams also meet weekly and often discuss curriculum to encourage collaboration and integrated units and projects. In addition, teachers meet monthly in vertical departments to discuss scope and sequence of concepts to ensure that skills are built upon each year. Furthermore, the grade level and department meetings are a time for teachers to share sound teaching practices and new research and ideas.