Experiential Learning in ML


Immersion offers our Middle Learning students the opportunity to dive deep into one specific topic for a week. Click the Immersion 2021 button for more info!

Class Trips

In the second semester of the school year, each Middle Learning grade has the opportunity to participate in a class trip. Students engage in a number of activities which stretch them both physically and mentally and center around academic connections, developing life skills, and team building. Students return with strengthened relationships, a new awareness of their world, and an understanding that learning can happen anywhere.

5th Grade Class Trip: Collaboration and Compassion

Fifth-grade students spend a full day outdoors at Camp Twin Lakes Will-a-Way in Winder, Georgia. This offers an opportunity for students and teachers to strengthen relationships while supporting and encouraging one another during challenging tasks such as rock climbing, boating, and mountain biking as well as arts and crafts. The mission of Camp Twin Lakes directly connects to the fifth-grade theme, “Choose Compassion,” and wonderful memories are made while playing in the pool, riding horses, and more!

6th Grade Class Trip: Environmental Education

Sixth grade students travel to Jekyll Island, Georgia for an Environmental Education program hosted by Georgia 4-H at Camp Jekyll. This trip offers hands-on science activities blended with community-building and adventure activities. Students explore the ecology of the beach, salt marsh, and maritime forest, taking advantage of the unique ecological landscape of the island. Classes are designed to weave experiential learning and science instruction for students to more effectively retain the information they are learning in science class. Taking a firsthand look at local wildlife, working together on team building challenges, and quality time around the campfire will make this trip as fun as it is educational.

7th Grade Class Trip: Smoky Mountains Exploration

The seventh grade class trip takes students to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to explore the geography and history of the Smoky Mountains region. Students will have many adventures, including hiking, zip lining, and white water rafting, all while making hands-on connections with the 7th grade earth science curriculum. While immersed in nature’s classroom, students learn other valuable lessons too: practicing communication, collaboration, and problem-solving while strengthening their close-knit community. 

8th Grade Class Trip: Civil Rights Tour

The 8th grade Social Studies curriculum comes to life through this Civil Rights Tour. Students travel to Montgomery, Selma, and Brimingham, Alabama visiting several historic sites and museums. While visiting locations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and the16th Street Baptist Church, the Civil Rights movement unfolds in front of students and builds meaningful connections far beyond the classroom.