Summer Reading

Early Learning

Middle Learning

Middle Learning Book of Choice:

Find a book on your own that interests you, and choose one of the activities below to complete by the first day of school. Your Language Arts teacher will tell you on the first day when to bring them to class.

  • Create a piece of art or diorama inspired by the book and write a paragraph (4-8 sentences) explaining your art and/or how it connects to the novel.

  • Find or create/write a song that connects to the book and write a paragraph (4-8 sentences) about it and how it connects to the novel. 

  • Was the book made into a movie? Watch the movie, and make a list of at least 4 ways they differ.

  • Write two diary entries about one major event from the novel. Each diary entry must be written from the perspective/ POV of two different characters. Each diary entry should be at least 5 sentences, so at least 10 sentences total.

  • Have another idea? Go for it! Be sure to write a paragraph explaining and/or connecting your project to the book.

Upper Learning