Library Strategic Plan


To be a welcoming, innovative library that inspires imagination, cultivates connections, and celebrates learning.


  • We support Galloway's unique approach to learning, encouraging each Galloway student's journey through daring, deliberate, and dynamic discovery.
  • We believe our strength lies in teamwork and relationships.
  • We are passionate about the value of books and reading for intellectual and personal growth.
  • We embrace change and strive to be adventurous and fearless in serving our learning community's information needs.
  • We believe that learning is fun, so the library should be a warm, welcoming place.
  • We are helpful and friendly to our learning community, saying "yes" whenever possible.
  • We uphold academic integrity and teach members of our learning community to be ethical users of information.
  • We stand with the American Library Association in upholding our learning community's freedom to read, making available a wide diversity of views and expressions.


Instruction and Collaboration


  • Librarians will co-teach a wide range of research and information literacy skills to all students in a variety of disciplines.
  • Librarians, faculty, and tech team members will meet regularly to share what they are teaching and plan for collaborative learning projects.
  • Library staff will provide excellent customer service and expert help in research skills and technology use.

Resources and Collections


  • The collection will include high quality books as well as digital resources of all kinds.
  • There will be a strong commitment to sharing the joy of reading.
  • The collection will be well matched to teacher needs and the Galloway curriculum.
  • Librarians will be proactive in building a collection that is responsive to community interests.
  • The Galloway community will be made aware of the resources the library has to offer.

Library Space


  • Library space will inspire imagination through artwork and displays, openness to the outdoors, appealing lighting and acoustics, and access to a wonderland of technology.
  • Library space will cultivate connections within the Galloway community and with the world by providing space for collaboration and creative projects, activities and events, and experimenting with technology.
  • Library space will celebrate learning by allowing for a variety of learning styles and by providing authentic opportunities for inquiry and project-based learning.
  • The Galloway community will explore new ways of using Galloway's spaces to achieve the above goals.