EL Learning Support

“Developing to your greatest potential—that is winning.” - Elliott Galloway

Every student’s learning journey at Galloway is unique. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, and we value a close relationship with students, parents, and teachers. The Learning Support Team provides direct and indirect support to students who exhibit difficulty with learning and/or performance. We endeavor to help students progress in their understanding of their own learning, increase their academic independence, and strengthen their executive functioning skills.

We believe that early intervention is an effective tool in supporting our youngest learners. In Early Learning, Learning Support focuses on literacy skills. A student’s entry into Learning Support begins with an initial classroom teacher referral and follow-up screening. From the outset, our focus is on building a team around the student. Our youngest students gain extra practice with phonemic concepts and letter sound recognition in small groups. We use the Orton Gillingham approach to phonics and spelling, which mirrors the approach used daily in the classrooms. This instruction is given in addition to the work that is done in the classroom and offers the extra exposure that some children need to find success with reading and spelling. 

As students move through the grades of Early Learning and the academic expectations increase, Orton Gillingham instruction continues. Further support with reading comprehension and writing may also be provided, depending on the individual needs of each student. This support is flexible and may be delivered in the classroom or in small groups.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of a student's learning profile, we may provide recommendations for tutors, speech-language therapists, and/or occupational therapists. We may also recommend a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation in order to gain a fuller understanding of a student’s learning profile. Following this evaluation, we create a Learning Plan with accommodations and recommendations, so that each student can maximize their potential for success at Galloway. While The Galloway School does not modify our academic curriculum, we can provide school-based accommodations, such as alternative seating or extra time. Throughout our student’s journey in Early Learning, we are there to support children and their families every step of the way.

Dr. Sue Feig
Director of Learning Support

Becky Chamberlain
EL Learning Support Coordinator and Teacher

Stacey Harvey
EL Learning Support Teacher

Jicel Castro
EL Learning Support Teacher