4D Learning is Galloway's approach to innovative teaching and learning. 4D Learning is an instructional framework that guides how and why we teach the way we do. As teachers, we listen to students, use sound pedagogy, and serve to facilitate meaningful learning and deep understanding. No two classrooms look alike, no two teachers teach in exactly the same way, and students are trusted to play important roles in the process of learning. 


We model daring learning where teachers and students are encouraged to be fearless learners; where the culture values risk and failure as important parts of the learning process; and where we understand that the quality of the process is what leads to excellence and success.


We encourage learning through discovery where the culture encourages deep learning; where students create their own questions and wrestle with real-world problems; where claims require well-researched support; and where the research process is an adventure in contextual discoveries, and in that process, students are comfortable being uncomfortable and are motivated to keep looking around the next bend.

High Energy

What would it look like if an entire school (teachers, students, staff, and curriculum) picked up and moved to Atlanta's High Museum of Art for an exciting day of 4D Learning? Galloway stepped up to answer that question and the results were magical.


We generate deliberate learning through visible thinking, where students are taught to look at their own thinking and the analytic process through discussion and debate in a democratic classroom; students are taught and practice thinking routines, critical reading and thoughtful and respectful interaction; where students are challenged with difficult and open-ended essential questions and are motivated to push beyond their perceived limits; and where we measure our learning outcomes on a regular basis.

The Happening

A great example of 4D Learning, the annual Early Learning Happening is a week-long immersion into a specific topic of study.


We create a dynamic learning environment where there is a feeling of anticipation and adventure in learning; where teachers vary their teaching styles to engage all types of learners; where students have ownership of their learning, even directing some of their learning; and where students find relevancy in both content and skills.