Our Ambition

The profile of the Galloway graduate
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Our educational ambition is to inspire the development of a complete individual. A Galloway student's journey throughdaring, deliberate, and dynamic discoveryrequires passion, hard work, and accountability.It is a journey that will ask students to explore the relationship between freedom and responsibility.It is a journey taken individually and as a community, in which all members of our school community work in unity with students to guide and hone the skills and attributes necessary to find who they are, and become that person.
These core qualities have been adopted as our educational ambition for our students and our picture of success:
Galloway students are...courageous learners who are inquisitive, embrace challenge, and take responsible risks.
Galloway students are...individuals who are creative, confident, passionate, and distinctive in their own character.
Galloway students are...life-long learners who are dedicated, conscientious, and persistent in their path to mastery of challenging and relevant studies to prepare them for college and life.
Galloway students are...engaged citizens who are respectful of their relationship with others, are collaborative, and are engaged in and responsible to their community.
Galloway students are...balanced in mind, body, and spirit. They engage in physical activity and artistic expression, possess emotional intelligence and strong reasoning abilities, and relate to the world with a compassionate and grateful heart.

Our Unique Philosophy

4D Learning: Our innovative approach to learning

Although each learning environment is different at Galloway, there is a common framework that we focus upon in our learning spaces, creating engagement and a sense of discovery for each Galloway student.
We model DARING learningwhere teachers and students are encouraged to be fearless learners; where the culture values risk and failure as important parts of the learning process; where we understand that the quality of the process is what leads to excellence and success.
We generate DELIBERATE learningthrough visible thinking, discussion and debate in a democratic classroom, where students are taught and practice thinking routines, critical reading, and thoughtful and respectful interaction; where students are challenged with difficult and open-ended essential questions and are motivated to push beyond their perceived limits; and where we measure our learning outcomes on a regular basis.
We create a DYNAMIC learning environmentwhere there is afeeling of anticipation and adventure in learning; where teachers vary their teaching styles to engage all types of learners; where students have ownership of their learning, even directing some of their learning; and where students find relevancy in both content and skills.
We encourage learning through DISCOVERYwhere the culture encourages deep learning; where students create their own questions and wrestle with real-world problems; where claims require well-researched support; and where the research process is an adventure in contextual discoveries, and in that process, students are comfortable being uncomfortable and are motivated to keep looking around that next bend.
Deliver exceptional quality 4D learning

  • Create a blueprint for 4D learning.
  • Hire faculty, staff and coaches who can fulfill our promise statement and deliver 4D learning.
  • Retain faculty, staff and coaches who are invested in delivering 4D learning.
  • Develop cohesiveness between grades and levels in regard to skills and common thematic questions.

Deliver education without walls to maximize 4D learning

  • Optimize space at Galloway to best promote 4D learning.
  • Create learning opportunities outside of Galloway's campus.
  • Create school schedule that promotes 4D learning.

Determine the ideal enrollment to deliver a 4D education

  • Consider class sizes, service delivery, staffing, and use of space and schedule to maximize 4D learning.

Our Professional Commitment

Refining our professional development process: 4D Learning Lab

Establish, standardize, and enhance professional development for 4D learning

  • Create a 4D learning resource guide for Galloway faculty and staff.
  • Clarify and formalize expectations for faculty based on a growth-mindset model.
  • Create resources and scheduled time that enables faculty and staff to deliver the optimal 4D learning environment.
  • Reshape faculty and staff development and an evaluation tool around 4D learning.

Create and launch a 4D Learning Lab

  • Identify staff leadership and curriculum delivery for the 4D Learning Lab.
  • Connect and organize with key conversation partners.

Our Story

Sharing Galloway boldly and broadly

Ensure the recruitment and retention of best fit students in support of our long-term institutional objectives.

Clarify and strengthen Galloway's brand message and marketing materials to attract and retain best fit students.

Develop a strategic communications plan to share our unique educational philosophy effectively to the Galloway community and beyond.

Develop and implement a strategic communications model for internal stakeholders that is clearly defined, consistently applied, and honors user preferences; and implement an external communications plan that leverages and promotes our unique educational philosophy of 4D learning.