Students Explore VR Immersion Project

by Assistant Head of School for Academics David Long

One of the things that we value at Galloway is providing students the opportunity to challenge themselves and try new things. This past fall, Jay Potts (‘21) and Harrison Blair (‘21) applied for money via our Goizueta STEAM grant to pursue a virtual reality immersion project. Under the guidance of Upper Learning faculty member MariaPaola Jimenez, they were allowed to pursue their project as part of their Special Projects in Technology class, a course offered to guide students’ specific interests in any area of design technology. 

The goal of the project is to create an immersive virtual reality experience for the user that makes them feel like they are standing on the ledge of a building when in reality they are standing on a plank of wood 6 inches off of the ground. The ultimate task is to trick as many senses as once to trigger natural reactions in response to the stimuli. 

In a mid-year report, Harrison and Jay shared that the project is progressing nicely. They are currently working on creating a vest and gloves that would provide feedback and enhance the user experience. The boys also shared that they have encountered numerous challenges along the way, but they have learned a tremendous amount as they troubleshoot issues as they arise. 

We applaud Harrison and Jay for pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone and trying something new. We look forward to seeing the finished product this spring!