Sophomore Featured in Award-Winning Short Film

Galloway sophomore Owen Stone recently costarred in an award-winning short film about unconditional love and acceptance entitled The One You Never Forget.

Directed by Morgan Jon Fox, the film has quickly gained traction on the film festival circuit and has won several awards for Best Short at festivals including the Sidewalk Film Festival, Seattle Queer Film Festival, Reeling Chicago, Out on Film Atlanta, and several others.

Owen has been involved with the Galloway Theatre Company for the past year and a half: acting, dancing, and singing in last year's Freaky Friday; and exuding power and confidence as Zeus in Metamorphoses. This coming spring he will be showcasing his broad comedic talents as the king in Pippin.

"Beyond his onstage skills, Owen also is a model of professionalism and kindness behind the scenes, and always approaches new material with curiosity and an open mind," said Upper Learning theatre teacher Megan Cramer. "I am thrilled to know that he has been exercising his acting skills outside of school! I was delighted to see Owen's familiar openness and kindness onscreen in The One You Never Forget, and I can't wait to see what creative challenge he tackles next!"

The One You Never Forget from Morgan Jon Fox on Vimeo.