Sophia Lawter ‘23 Featured in GOA Catalyst Exhibition Showcase

Sophia Lawter ‘23 Featured in GOA Catalyst Exhibition Showcase

Galloway senior Sophia Lawter’s summer Global Online Academy capstone project for her Abnormal Psychology class was selected from over 100 student projects to be featured in GOA’s 2021-2022 Public Showcase.

Sophia’s presentation opened with the question, “How would implementing a required mental health course in schools be beneficial?” She spoke with licensed therapists and conducted polls on social media to survey her peers regarding the need for mental health education in schools. 

GOA’s Associate Director of Member School Engagement Douglas Beam praised Sophia’s presentation, writing “Her response was carefully researched, detailed, and compelling. Her project has great potential for making an impact. I hope that sharing this project on this public stage is just the beginning.”

Click here to view Sophia’s entire presentation, and don’t forget to check out the entire GOA Catalyst Exhibition Showcase

Join us in congratulating Sophia on this well-deserved honor!