Pre-Algebra in 7G: More Than Just Numbers

By Communications Intern Madeline Telford '20

Mr. Crosby’s seventh-grade pre-algebra class has various projects throughout the year that incorporate real-life skills with math. Throughout the year, the class is part of the “Crosby Cash Economy” where students can win Crosby cash and have their own bank accounts. They can win money through weekly challenges, Fraction Football, IXL, bonuses, and many other activities. 

The class is currently working on a stock market project. For this project, students are in groups of three and build a portfolio of three stocks at $50,000. In January, students will invest in stocks on their own.  Of course the class has specific lessons related to pre-algebra, but hands-on projects like the stock market project give students real-life experiences. 

These projects also allow the whole Galloway community to get involved; students are asked to collaborate with other students for these projects, as well as to ask their parents for advice. Some common parent responses included to buy low and sell high, diversify, invest in what you know, and to stay in it for the long haul. 

Later this year in April, the students will sell their shares and pay taxes on their earnings. We look forward to hearing their thoughts!