Kindergartener Turns Passion for Art into Fashion for Teachers

By Assistant Head of School for Academics David Long

One of the things that makes Galloway stand out is that we encourage students to become their best selves. Our founder Elliott Galloway frequently implored students to “find out who you are and become that person.” Kindergartener Jaffa K. is a wonderful example of a student who embraces this philosophy, as she has tapped into her passion for art and fashion.

“I taught Jaffa last year, and she was constantly coming in with new creations,” said teacher Ms. Shoemaker. “She would make jewelry, purses, and even her own clothes that she would wear to school. During free time in class, she was always coming up with new ideas and creations at the art center.”  

This year, Jaffa reached out to all four of her teachers and told them that she was going to make them clothes. She met with each teacher with paper and pencil ready to take their individual orders. Ms. Shoemaker asked for a shirt, skirt, and accessories and gave Jaffa her sizes. A few weeks later, Jaffa came in with her completed order. It had a return receipt, the clothes were neatly arranged on a hangar together with two beautiful bracelets, and were protected with a garment bag.  Jaffa even sewed tags on the clothes!  

Ms. Shoemaker praised Jaffa's hard work, saying, “It is all very authentic and so detailed.” Jaffa’s love for art and passion for sharing her creativity make her stand out, and she epitomizes Galloway's desire to cultivate the unrepeatable talents of each individual student!

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