Galloway Teacher Performing on Oglethorpe Stage

Galloway Teacher Performing on Oglethorpe Stage

by Assistant Head of Community Engagement Gordon Mathis

Galloway's Arts Integration Specialist Megan Cramer will perform in Urinetown, running from Feb 2 through Feb 19 at the Conant Performing Arts Center at Oglethorpe University. Under the auspices of Actor’s Express Theater Company, the performance offers opportunities for university students to perform with professional actors. 

Ms. Cramer has appeared in several recent theatrical productions in the Atlanta area: in Ripe Frenzy at Synchronicity Theatre, in The Wolves at the Horizon Theatre Company, and last summer in a young audience performance of James and the Giant Peach at Woodstock Arts.

Ms. Cramer describes Urinetown “as a dystopian satire, containing references to economics, climate change, environmental issues, the oppression of class and access to power, as well as multiple musical theater style references to amuse any audience member.” The play skewers contemporary notions of urban planning and well-intentioned or self-serving actions for “the greater good.” Upper Learning students in history, economics, and environmental science courses will recognize the reference to Malthus as the play ends. 

If the title throws you off, yes, it is about exactly what you think it is! The Actor’s Express’ synopsis describes the show as follows: "In the not-so-distant future, a twenty-year drought has depleted the land of water. All citizens are forced to pay the corrupt Urine Good Company megacorporation for the, ahem, 'privilege to pee.' When the idealistic Bobby Strong decides he has had enough, he leads a ragtag group of rebels in a revolution to pee freely!"

For more information about the play or to buy tickets, click here!