Galloway Encourages Power of Play with Campus "PlayStations"

One of Elliott Galloway’s infamous mantras was that Galloway must develop students who play the game of learning, not the game of school. As you walk through the halls and porches of Galloway, you may notice six "PlayStations", with the purpose of offering students unabridged and unbridled opportunities to tinker, to explore, and most importantly to play.

Research and experience have continued to confirm the importance of encouraging children to learn and discover through play. We know the power of play in a child’s experience (and adults too!) so we are hopeful that students, parents, faculty, and staff will join in the fun, taking a moment to pause, get creative, and just play. 

Just to the right of Dr. Calleroz White’s office door is a map showing the locations of these stations; there is also a map in the ML lobby and in the EL Atrium. 

A special thank you to Ms. Jimenez and Ms. Stauts for helping with the awesome and decorative signage. When you visit the campus, we encourage you to take a moment and visit the PlayStations that are located in each level and enjoy the chance to play!