Welcome from the Head of School

When I was thinking about joining Galloway as the Head of School, I often heard people say they could try to tell me everything that they knew about the school but that I had to experience it to truly understand it. They were correct - once I stepped on campus, I knew immediately that I had found my educational home.

I loved the campus nestled alongside beautiful Chastain Park. I was immediately welcomed and invited in by a community of engaged parents and students. The faculty were engaged and enthusiastic about teaching and learning, and not to mention, were experts in their respective areas. I am still impressed that all three of my very different children have been able to find their own unique space in the community. Each of them spend their days among adults who are interested and dedicated to helping them find out who they are and how to become that person, to borrow a phrase from Elliott Galloway. It makes me smile knowing that my family is a part of this incredible community.

As an educator who has been working in and with schools for over twenty years, I not only value the type of education Galloway offers, but I wake up excited every day knowing that we are a school that truly values learning. We understand that the connective tissue that bonds learning and personal experience is essential to providing students intentional and relevant experiences that result in growth, maturity, and the sustained knowledge that learning is a continuous process.

Of course, we want our students to learn, but to also seek out knowledge and information well beyond the material. We work intentionally to help our students find the joy in learning so that they become confident in their abilities, compassionate about the people and world around them, and competent in the skills needed to thrive well after they have left Galloway. We also expect our students to actively engage in conversations that lead to action as they explore their own larger questions. Through study, discussion, intentional and fearless action, openness, and genuine self-reflection, Galloway graduates become people who are equipped to do well and prepared to do good: locally, nationally, and globally, well beyond high school and college. 

Like me, I hope you will take the time to come to campus because in Galloway’s case, seeing is believing. I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing our story. We know you will see firsthand why we love our school so much - and we think you will as well.


Dr. James Calleroz White
Head of School


James has over 22 years of experience in independent schools across the country. He holds a B.A. and a M.Ed from Harvard University and an Ed.D from Arizona State University. He currently serves on the boards for NAIS, Horizons Atlanta, and ISACS and is a NAIS Diversity Leadership Institute faculty member.

James is married to Dr. Mistalene Calleroz White, who currently serves as Adjunct Professor and Enrollment Consultant for Spalding University. They have two daughters and one son. James' interests include music, arts, coaching, reading, community service, cultural awareness and engagement, educational policy, innovation, and reform, technology, photography, family, and travel - he has traveled to over 30 countries and 49 of the 50 states!