BOLD Returning Fellows

Diego Duran-Medina '16

Diego Duran-Medina is the Director of Service Learning at Shorecrest Preparatory School in St. Petersburg, FL. He has worked as a national consultant for the last four years through LeadServe Consulting, helping schools develop service-learning curricula and programming. He enjoys doing service, 90's R and B and hip-hop, and intense walks on the beach of St. Pete. From 2007-2012, he served as Director of Service-Learning at the Edmund Burke School in Washington, DC. Diego earned a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University, a Master of Arts from New York University and a Master’s of Education from the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College-Columbia University.

To me,BOLDmeans the recognition that independent schools must change and evolve to better serve people of color, especially in helping develop people for leadership positions. It also means that I can bring my voice as a proud Latino immigrant to private school education.

Rhonda Mitchell '16

Rhonda Mitchell is the Early Elementary Division Head at Trinity School in Atlanta, Georgia where she is responsible for leading the programming, faculty, and families of more than 250 students in Preschool through First Grade. Trinity School is an elementary-only independent school dedicated to providing children ages three through Sixth Grade with a strong academic and character foundation while fostering curiosity, confidence, and engagement in learning for success in middle school and beyond. Prior to her role as Division Head, Rhonda led the design and implementation of the school’s unique digital portfolio system. My Learning is a digital portfolio of student images, videos, audio, and work samples that grows with each child throughout their years at Trinity. My Learning is designed for student self-reflection and as a tool to enlighten the teachers and parents that support learning inside and outside of school.

Rhonda has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Spelman College and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia. She serves on the Executive Board of the Atlanta Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., an organization dedicated to nurturing future African American leaders by strengthening children through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving and civic duty.

You can follow Rhonda’s professional communications on Twitter at@rgmteach.

BOLDhelps you to see beyond what currently exists and create a vision for what is to be through the sharing of authentic experiences and relevant information. AtBOLD, you learn what is necessary to grow and achieve in a way you won’t hear from any other source.

Mark Sanders '16

Mark Sanders is the Assistant Principal at Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School (ANCS). He has ten years of teaching experience and he is currently finishing his first year in administration. Mark’s career has been dedicated to inspiring young mathematicians and scientists as well as fighting for social justice. For the last five years he has lead a group he founded called The Brotherhood for African-American and Latino males at ANCS. The mission of The Brotherhood is to help African-American and Latino young men direct their own academic success through self-reflection, fellowship with each other, and by initiating and facilitating discussions about current and historical events impacting people of color. Mark’s previous professional experience includes work in investment banking and in affordable housing. He is originally from Abington, PA (near Philadelphia) and grew up on cheesesteaks and Tastykakes. Mark is also a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan.

To me,BOLDis a home away from home. TheBOLDSummit was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time with, and learn from, like-minded people of color who have shared the same professional experiences I have. Sessions were facilitated by leaders in the field who were truly inspiring. TheBOLDSummit is a warm, comforting environment – it’s nice to be surrounded by a group of people that have your back. For me I’ll remember TheBOLDSummit as the place where I got one final set of advice, and one final boost of confidence, before stepping into an administrative role for the first time.

Ashley Scott '16

Ashley Scott is the Social Studies and Travel Coordinator for Midtown International School. He has visited 31 countries and 92 international cities. He leads about three or four international trips each year both school and non-school related. He studies Spanish every year in Guatemala where he lives with the same family and sleeps in the same room each year. As the Social Studies Coordinator, Ashley ensures all school travel is integrated within the curriculum on all grade levels. Traveling and talking about travel literally is Ashley's life - both professionally and personally.

To me, beingBOLDis to acknowledge your fears, rational and irrational, and be willing to walk hand-in-hand with them. Then telling yourself, "Yes, I admit these things scare me, but they are not going to stop me from trying!"