"I believe that it is important to dance with the heart and not just the feet."

Galloway’s dynamic dance program invites all students to experience the form and the craft of dance. Deeply grounded in Galloway’s philosophy, the program is based on the National Standards for Dance Education and allows students in Grades 3 – 12 to discover and explore concepts related to space, time, energy, relationships and self through movement in classes specifically dedicated to dance.

"Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery." Martha Graham

Early Learning dance classes are closely connected to content being taught in the classroom. From the life cycle of a butterfly to various state of matter, students are lovingly guided into using their bodies to deepen their learning. Students in grades 3 and 4 enjoy classes in the dance studio. For students younger than grade 3, the dance teacher and classroom teachers work closely together to design and implement lessons which integrate creative movement into the classroom.

Middle Learning students gain the basic technical vocabulary they need as a foundation in the discipline while in a safe environment with an option, but no pressure, to perform. Students are introduced to a wide variety of styles as they practice choreography from historical periods and learn set pieces in addition to working collaboratively to create their own.

Upper Learning dance classes are offered for all skill levels from beginning to advanced. Some classes are designed for dance exploration in the studio while others offer performance experiences. Advanced classes are also offered in choreography with the final projects being presented in the May dance concert. Arts-integration abounds with dance and classroom collaboration inspirations ranging from working with a biology class to help understand the complex processes of mitosis and meiosis through movement to collaborating with playwriting students to create narrative dances for their work.

Early Learning

  • Movement is a key component of experiential learning. Our early learning teachers and dance teacher work together to create dynamic lessons and explore ways creative movement and dance can be used to strengthen understandings in the general classroom.
  • Each student in grades 3 – 5 attends dance classes taught by our dance teacher in the dance studio. Here students extend lessons begun in the classroom and explore moving through space in a variety of ways that strengthens their bodies and minds and builds relationships with their peers as they work together learning a variety of dances and creating their own.
  • Students learn through observation of special performances by the Galloway Dance Ensemble and Junior Dance Ensemble as well as guest artists from the Atlanta dance community.

Middle Learning

  • Grades 5 and 6: All students in grades 5 and 6 participate in a 9-week dance exploratory which builds on the work they began in grades 3 and 4 and explores concepts related to space, time, energy, relationships and self.
  • Grades 7 and 8: Students in grades 7 and 8 may elect to take dance class. These classes meet during regular school hours and create a safe environment for students to experience dance with an option, but no pressure, to perform.
  • Grades 6 – 8: For those students seeking more performing opportunities the Junior Dance Ensemble is available for all students in grades 6 – 8, regardless of experience. The Junior Dance ensemble is a vivacious, fun and supportive. The ensemble meets twice a week after school and is modeled after the UL Galloway Dance Ensemble.

Upper Learning

  • Students in grades 9 – 12 may elect to take dance classes that earn students credit and satisfy Fine Arts or Kinetic Wellness requirements. In the Dance elective students explore dance technique by studying styles of different influential choreographers and dance companies. Classes incorporate modern dance, ballet, musical theater dance, and jazz, as well as improvisation and work with a variety of musical styles. Many dance-related subjects such as pilates and yoga as conditioning tools for the dancer are also explored.
  • Qualified students may also elect to study choreography. Students in the choreography classes often work with younger students as well as create pieces for the May concert of the Galloway Dance Ensemble. Choreography students also collaborate across disciplines to find inspiration for their work. One example from past collaborations involved working with the biology class to help demonstrate the complex processes of mitosis and meiosis through movement.
  • For those who love to perform, The Galloway Dance Ensemble is an energetic, fun and supportive group of students who enjoy sharing their love of dance with audiences. The ensemble is open to any student regardless of experience. The ensemble performs throughout the school year, giving two full-length concerts at the end of each semester as well as community outreach performances throughout the year.

Faculty biographies

Sally Cramer, dance teacher

Sally Cramer is the Dance Studies instructor for The Galloway School. Mrs. Cramer teaches dance classes for students in Upper Learning, directs The Galloway Dance Ensemble, is the resident choreographer for The Galloway Theatre Company, and coordinates special dance initiatives such as the World Dance Innovation Project.

A life-long dance enthusiast, Mrs. Cramer grew up training and performing with the Brunswick Civic Ballet Company and the St. Simons Island Players. Mrs. Cramer attended many summer intensives such as the first Georgia Governor's Honors Dance Program and trained with instructors in Georgia, Florida, and New York. Favorite experiences include a special workshop with the famous ballet dancer, Edward Villella, and studying at both the Martha Graham School and the Paul Taylor School in New York City. In 1985, Mrs. Cramer earned her BFA in Dance from Florida State University.

Highlights of her career include performing for ten years with Lee Harper and Dancers and performing in the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympics. Prior to beginning Galloway's dance program in 2005, Mrs. Cramer taught at many metro Atlanta dance schools including Lee Harper and Dancers Studios, and the former Backstage Dance Studio in Roswell, GA.

Lane Miller, dance teacher

Lane Miller grew up studying dance with Atlanta's own Lee Harper and Dancers and Susan Eldridge. She continued her training at The Colorado College, where she choreographed six original works and performed around the country at American College Dance Festivals, including the 2004 ACDFA Nationals at the Kennedy Center.

In recent years, Lane has worked with various Atlanta area companies and choreographers, including George Staib, Sally Radell, Duende Dance Theatre, Ground Delivery Dance Theatre, Rose Caudle and Amanda Byars. In addition to her work with the Galloway Dance Ensemble, Lane trains and performs with Susan Eldridge's DENSE dance company.

Juana Farfan, dance teacher

Juana Farfan is a dance educator and independent artist/choreographer. Juana has a B.A. in Modern Dance Performance from the University of South Florida; and holds a certification from the Teachers Training Institute in Dance Education. Recently, Juana traveled to her hometown Bogotá-Colombia, to give an artistic residency at her school in arts curriculum integration. In the past, she has been a teaching artist for Georgia Perimeter College, Dynamic X-Change, the CORE Performance Company Outreach Program, Moving in the Spirit, and Playmaking for Girls at Synchronicity Theatre Company. Juana has taught Spanish and English through/with movement at several schools in Metro Atlanta, taught dance workshops in a native community in the Amazon-Colombia, and creative movement workshops at The Children's Museum of Atlanta. Juana has also worked with local choreographers Lori Teague, Blake Beckham, Nicole Livieratos, Greg Catallier, Onur Topal-Summer, DENSE, CORE Performance Company, and Beacon Dance, and has presented her personal work at HymHouse-Eyedrum, MAD Festival, and Skwirlhaus. During summer 2016, Juana had the opportunity to take a somatic workshop with world-renowned dance pioneer Anna Halprin at her home studio in California. Juana loves to play and improvise.

Student Life
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