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It’s hard to define “Student Life” at Galloway because, here, it’s a fluid term. We cherish individuality, community, and growth, so Student Life is driven by the needs and wants of the students. From encouraging students to start clubs and organizations to celebrating rising seniors with brunch the day after graduation, Galloway fosters a student-centered culture where your success as a student is priority number one.

When people ask me what “Student Life” means at Galloway, I’m reminded that the possibilities are endless. The benefits of Galloway being a deliberately student-centered culture means everything we do is contributing to your growth as a student.

Ask any student on any given day what Galloway means to them, and you will get several variations on the same theme – students feel respected, encouraged and trusted. In fact, a few recent graduates summed up Galloway Student Life pretty well.

It's a place where people are accepted for who they are, a place where all personalities are cherished and where people feel freedom to express themselves in any way they please. At Galloway, the teachers and the students are partners in a shared goal, a goal to create the best community possible where boldness, responsibility, understanding, scholarship, freedom and love are the norm. Ask any student at Galloway, and they will tell you that there is a special feeling that they get when they come to Galloway, a complicated excitement for school that is absent in any other learning institution. But more than this, the students feel that somehow, the school itself is excited for them.

--James Poindexter '14 & Julien Reiman '14

Galloway is an amazing place to be a student! My door is always open. and I encourage all students to drop by my office to discuss what student life means to them and to become involved in the constant development and evaluation of Student Life!

Felicia McCrary
Director of Student Life and Enrollment

Felicia McCrary
Director of Student Life and Enrollment
404.252.8389 x146

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