Visual Arts


The Visual Arts program nurtures innate creativity while guiding students in the rigorous cognition necessary to produce a work of art. All students stretch their thinking and participate in the creative process as they work in a variety of 2D and 3D art forms including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics and sculpture.

Art in Early Learning is integrated across content areas and levels in order to enhance their learning in a variety of subjects. Students are guided through the planning, preparation and process necessary to complete artwork while gaining self-esteem and nurturing imagination in a relaxed atmosphere. Students experiment with tempera painting, finger-paint, drawing, clay, sculpture, charcoal, printing, paper-mache and water color while discovering line, shape, texture, color and space. They are exposed to the life and styles of artists through the history timeline of art, creating project within a variety of styles.

Middle Learning students improve their fine-motor and thinking skills through projects that range from three-dimensional sculpture, drawing and painting to computer art applications and photography. They learn the elements of art and principles of design necessary to apply formal qualities to their own artwork. As students progress through Middle Learning, they are introduced to a wider variety of art experiences, tools and processes. Lessons often provide interdisciplinary connections to social studies, language arts and science curriculum. They also gain practice in the five steps of art criticism, learning how to discuss the formal qualities of art.

In Upper Learning, visual arts classes offer a chance for students to use critical thinking skills to solve problems as they approach creating artwork in familiar and new mediums. Students are provided opportunities to fearlessly try new avenues of expression or deepen their mastery of their own chosen discipline. Arts-Integrated projects appear throughout the UL curriculum in such diverse arenas as World Languages, geometry, science and literature. Upper learning art students also gain real-world experience curating exhibits for the Galloway Gallery and for exhibitions and arts festivals in the greater Atlanta area.

Early Learning

  • Classroom teachers, the art teacher and students all work together in creating a variety of visual arts projects that enhance student’s understanding of a variety of topics. Arts integrated topics have crossed into and explored science, social studies, language arts and math.
  • Our art teacher lovingly guides students weekly in the art studio as they explore a wide variety of materials and forms in two and three dimensions.
  • Student’s work is proudly displayed throughout the school and at a special exhibition in the spring.
  • Students and teachers attend special exhibits and workshops throughout the year at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta as well as field trips to museums throughout the region including the Booth Museum of Western Art in Cartersville.

Middle Learning

  • Grades 5 and 6: In 5th and 6th grade art children work on consolidating and integrating their knowledge of elements and principles of art through project based assignments. We emphasize a two step, process oriented approach in which children are encouraged to first explore new media without concern for final product and then, to step back and revise and edit a final piece work.
  • Grades 7 and 8: Students in grades 7 and 8 may elect to continue their exploration of visual arts in quarter long electives on a variety of topics. Past electives in visual arts have included pinhole photography, sculpture and design, recycled art and ceramics.
  • Grade 5 - 8: Student’s work is proudly displayed throughout the school and at a special exhibition in the spring. Students and teachers attend special exhibits and workshops throughout the year at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and enjoy field trips to museums throughout the region including the Booth Museum of Western Art in Cartersville.

Upper Learning

  • Students in grades 9 – 12 receive Fine Arts credit for a variety of visual arts electives taught by an outstanding Visual Arts Faculty. Classes offered include Introductory classes in 2D and 3D Art, intermediate classes in Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Ceramics and advanced art classes including AP Art and AP Art History.
  • Additional electives in visual arts include Photography 1 and 2, Graphic Design and Film Making.
  • A variety of extracurricular opportunities abound for interested UL students. The Art Club works with the art teacher to prepare the annual showcase at the High Museum of Art as well as at various exhibits and festivals throughout the Atlanta area.

Students interested in pursuing visual arts beyond the school day also participate in curating the spring show held annually in the Galloway Gallery.

Faculty biographies

Devin Allen, UL visual art teacher

Devin Allen grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and attended Capital University where he studied Art Education and Art History. His early career was spent working at a university museum in Columbus, Ohio and exhibiting regionally and internationally. He was an active participant in The Ohio Art League and with several other artists started a studio and gallery space.

Devin then moved to California where he worked for a gallery that specialized in objects from West Africa, Tibet, Nepal, and Southeast Asia. While there, he studied drawing and printmaking from The City College of San Francisco, and exhibited throughout the region.

In 2002, he left for Korea, which was intended to be a two- or three-year stint, but extended to ten years. First in Seoul, then Tianjin, and finally Beijing, Allen employed his teaching credentials in public, private, and international schools teaching visual arts to every grade level from kindergarten to university. He exhibited in Beijing and worked with Greening the Beige, an environmental awareness through the arts nonprofit. He studied Chinese painting at the Tang Gu Art Academy, and Chinese language at Beijing Language and Culture University.

In 2012, he accepted a teaching position at the Atlanta International School and a year later began a master’s at SCAD in Arts Administration. His degree was completed in May of 2015. He continues to exhibit once a year and recently started his own online gallery.

Carmen Gonzalez, EL art specialist

Carmen: Carmen Gonzalez has been teaching at the Galloway school for 38 years. She taught 2nd and 3rd grade for 12 years prior to becoming the Early Learning Art Specialist. Carmen went to Dominican University to study Children’s Theatre. She has taught jewelry design at The Chastain Art Center and is an avid wood worker. She also has experience working with glass blowing, welding and clay. She is a world traveler having visited all seven continents and often brings her travels into the classroom, and teaching students about different cultures and traditions from around the globe. Carmen is a self-taught Native American flute player, and her photography has been displayed in two art exhibitions.

Lore Ruttan, ML Art Teacher

Lore is a talented artist and inspiring educator with over 11 years of teaching experience at Emory College, Atlanta Montessori International School, and the Highlands Biological Station. She finds joy in working with young people, getting to know each child individually, and helping them find their own unique voice. Lore’s education spans the arts and sciences. She holds degrees in biology and ecology from the University of Chicago, the University of Minnesota, and the University of California, Davis. She subsequently completed a certificate in botanical drawing from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, has taken advanced coursework at the nationally acclaimed Program in Natural Science Illustration at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and has studied graphic design at Emory. For the last six years, she has run a business as an illustrator with a national clientele. Her art has been exhibited in locations such as the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and the Telfair Art Museum. She brings to the classroom a love of learning and exploration and an eagerness to find connections across the sciences and humanities.

Mary Stuart Hall, ML & UL visual art teacher

Graduating with a degree in Sculpture from Sewanee, The University of the South and a Masters in Art Education from the University of Georgia, Hall lives in Atlanta where she was born and raised. She teaches visual art at the Galloway School.

In addition to her sculptural practice, Hall’s teaching practice is an important part of her creative life. In 2009 she started a darkroom at a community center just south of downtown Atlanta called Emmaus House. She has taught photography workshops to everyone from middle schoolers to retired people. She has presented her work at the National Art Education Association Conference, the Georgia Art Education Association Conference, and the Georgia Independent Schools Association Conference. Hall is a founding member of Night School, a community supper group that promotes a creative dialogue through social engagement.

Student Life
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