Heifer International

Every year, Galloway's entire student body comes together as part of a single, meaningful, hands-on learning experience that benefits a local organization whose work enhances the lives of individuals living in the Atlanta area

For the 2011-2012 school year, we are partnering with Heifer International. Heifer is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization that since 1944 has helped more than 7 million families in more than 125 countries move toward greater self-reliance through the gift of livestock, seeds, trees, and training in environmentally-sound agriculture. The theme of "community" is abundant in Heifer's work and its mission is simple: to end poverty and hunger and to care for the earth.

This year, the Galloway community will:

Feed our Minds: Galloway faculty will work with students to raise awareness about solutions to two of the world’s greatest problems: poverty and hunger. Using creative lesson plans, they will relay a message of hope and emphasize the importance of being an active global citizen. Students will learn how animals, seeds, knowledge, and selflessness can be powerful gifts.
Take Action: We will energize students and parents to engage in grassroots fundraising efforts. Let's find creative ways to buy livestock! Heifer projects can be found in every area of the school: classrooms, athletics, Fall Fun Fest, Elliott’s Run, visual and performing arts, the Speaker's Series, etc.
Work together: As a community, we will speak in terms of animals: "How many goats and chickens can we buy?" "Would we rather give a llama or a water buffalo or maybe a sweet honeybee?" "Let's buy a menagerie!"
End Hunger: We will culminate the project with a visit from Pierre Ferrari, Heifer's CEO, who will speak to students on January 23, 2012. In the spring we will host a school-wide event celebrating our strength as a community and our partnership with Heifer International.

How does it work?

For example: The gift of a single goat
In many parts of the world, goats are the key to a family’s survival. Goats can provide up to a gallon of rich, nutritious milk each day. Milk can be consumed and the extra can be sold. Goats don't require large tracts of land, and families learn to collect the manure to improve their soil for agriculture. The income from goats can pay the cost of child's schooling, clothing, medicine, and shelter. It's amazing how goats can quickly transform entire communities as each family passes on the gift of offspring to another. The gift of a goat: $120. A share of a goat: $10.

Check back for project updates, photos, and video during the next few months!