Head of School

  • The Demise of Guys


    On Wednesday, November 13, 2013, our topic for Plugged-In-Parents was "The Demise of Guys," and we discussed the book Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax. It was a great discussion, and a number of parents who are interested in the topic but were unable to attend have expressed an interested in learning about the main points we discussed. Read more.

  • Rethinking restroom labels


    A couple of students from the UL club Spectrum came to see me last week with an interesting request. They want to place a sign which reads "Gender Neutral" on the Gresham restroom. Read more.

  • Notes from the road


    Perhaps it's because visiting schools is so familiar from my days at CASIE [The Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education] that I enjoyed my trip to DC so much! Last week, in the space of three days, I blitzed my way around four different schools. What was the goal of my visit? To learn. For an educator, that's pretty exciting. Read more

  • Thinking about people as colours


    Have you ever thought of people as colours? No? You might want to consider it! It's doing wonders for our Vision Team. Let me explain... read more.

  • What does athletics look like at Galloway?


    The Atlantic ran an article last week boldly entitled "How Sports Are Ruining High School". You might appreciate that I was nervous about reading on. After all, Galloway has spent a good amount of time beefing up the perception of its athletic program. We conducted an in-depth evaluation last year, and clearly stated that we want to be understood for who we are in the athletic forum - a school that takes athletics seriously, yet allows every student to participate who wishes to. Read more.

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