Head of School

  • On walking and winning


    I have won an award for walking. Specifically, I have walked the length of India this past year. As an educator, I love the great educational questions that arise from this award. Read more.

  • Pondering possibilities


    Linguists typically enjoy finding words to describe things, and yet I have found myself rather incapable of capturing properly what it is that Neri is, and what she does. But, let me try. Read more.

  • Observing how schools use time


    As part of the two weeks I recently spent in the Klingenstein Center's Heads of School programme, we had the opportunity to visit some schools. School visits are SUCH fun. While 19 school heads from around the world can sit in a classroom and talk about education, nothing really beats getting into classrooms and seeing great practice first hand. Read more.

  • Refining my philosophy of education


    I consider myself fortunate to work in a school that has a philosophy to be proud of. I was drawn to Galloway because of its philosophy and have felt a strengthening of my own values as a result of working in the school. This week at Columbia University has afforded me the opportunity to dig in deep and philosophize about the educational setting of The Galloway School and my role in taking it forward. Read more.

  • It's Snowing!


    I have to admit, it's strangely thrilling to be in NYC when there's the threat of a blizzard. And it is even more thrilling to be in the aftermath of no blizzard, but instead, to revel in 12 or so centimetres of pristine white snow. Read more.